Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

I always say how much I love the beach. One of the biggest reasons is that it never fails to brighten up a day (no matter how grey or rainy) and makes me feel super fresh. I had been in the house pretty much all day and I was in need of some vitamin sea (punny).

I found out today there is a name for beach lovers- Thalassophile. Meaning: a lover of the sea.

Here are a few of the photos we took today!


A walk on the beach just never fails to blow the cobwebs away!

Pink Floral Room Inspiration

Pink Floral Room Inspiration

Hi everyone!

Over the weekend I decorated my room and oh boy was it hard work.

My family had gone camping and I couldn’t because of work commitments. So I was working 10 to 7 on Saturday and 9 to 6 on Sunday… and decided to completly gut and decorate my room- pure stupidity.

Lesson’s learnt:

  1. Preparation (much to my disgust) is key
  2. Moving to University meant I have double the amount of ‘stuff’- which happens to need to be out back into my room. Which, unlike my wardrobe, has not grown.
  3. If you want perfection- pay someone else.


  1. I learnt to man up a lil bit- crying in a built in wardrobe because you can’t take the lid off the paint is not productive. Especially crying on the phone to your Dad.
  2. How to wash paint out of your hair.
  3. I figured out how to avoid getting paint in you eyes and mouth- step as far away as possible.

At the end of the day, I can honestly say that I would be happy never painting another room again. It makes me miserable, tired and put my relationship to the test! But it does look very nice now and I am very pleased.

I painted it a Dulux White Blossom pink colour, which is a very subtle, not too childish, pink. Here are some of the plans I have for it!

I am loving all things flamingo at the moment, but I also love cactus’- I’m hoping to include both features, without it looking bonkers. I love the whole design side of these things, but its safe to say I’m not a interior painter… actually I suck at it!

Side note: All of the above can be found on Not on the Hightstreet- My all time favourite!



24 Hour Update

24 Hour Update

The Last 24 Hours of my Life:

  • Never been to Aldi before, but did my shop there- £19 for a week shop! (They don’t do lacto-free anything though, which was a bummer).
  • Had salmon pasta for tea last night.
  • Watched Poldark with Hannah last night, on her bed while doing my nails.
  • Did a L’Oreal face mask, also with Hannah.
  • Made myself a pack lunch- salmon and cream cheese on crackers, pineapple cubes, chocolate orange rice crispy bar (OMG) and pom bears.
  • Couldn’t find a car parking space this morning- subsequently late for the first lecture, which is always awkward.


  1. Lecturers don’t care if there aren’t parking spaces.

Top Tip I never realised people didn’t know:

For smudged nails:

  1. Put your nail on your tongue, so your finger essentially upside down and lick the nail in a sideways motion, gently.
  2. Do this for about 30 seconds or until the nail polish is back to its original position.
  3. Yes, it does taste gross. But you don’t have to start again!
A Comfort Zone is a Beautiful Little Place But Nothing Ever Grows There

A Comfort Zone is a Beautiful Little Place But Nothing Ever Grows There

I’m always so conscious of missing out on things and not taking every opportunity I have. University offers so much and you really do have to make university work for you.
I found settling in to university pretty tough. Freshers wasn’t what I expected and your experience is pretty much based on luck to start off with: who you live with, who is in your seminars, who you go out with. This sense of bewilderment should be expected- you’re away from home, in a new environment and with people you have never met before. It was never going to be easy.
I do feel that this initial overwhelming sensation put me off totally grasping the university experience. But now, heading into second year I want to do so much more. I want to join more societies, do more sports, make more friends and go to more university events. 3 years flies by and I constantly think “am I wasting all my university opportunities”.

So if you’re nervous about university, or a new job, a new school or a new home just put yourself out there. No matter what. You have nothing to lose. You do, however, lose entirely if you never take the opportunity.

Exam Stress and Tips

Exam Stress and Tips

This time of year is crazy stressful for most students, whether that’s School, College or University. So I’ve put together a list of things that have helped me through it, and hopefully will help others!
1.       Sleep!
Unbelievably boring tip, but key to fully functioning the next day! Never underestimate the power of sleep.
2.       Yummy Food!
I seem to always crave the unhealthy foods when I revise, so having a pre-planned scrummy snack or meal to look forward will stop you munching the bad stuff. I personally love snacking on strawberries, a cereal bar or even some cucumber and a dip!
3.       Treat yourself!
Around exam time, I find a little bit of retail therapy goes a long way. I love online shopping, I often browse online for clothes in my revision breaks or even right before bed.
4.       Pamper yourself!
I am a firm believer that relaxing in a bath, or having a hot shower after a stressful day helps everyone feel more on top things. At the moment I am loving the Dove Derma Spa self-tanning Body Lotion, I find it so refreshing after a shower and it gives me that summer glow that I love. It also smells amazing! I like to use a facial scrub before bed and have a liquorice and mint tea to relax.
5.       Leave your room!
I am a complete stress-head and have a reputation for locking myself away and working on projects into the early hours of the morning! It’s just not healthy, and personally I find my brain can focus for no longer than an hour at a time. So I take a break, grab a coffee with friends, go to the gym, even a trip to the shops. Get that booty moving and refresh that brain!
6.       Organisation!
As a complete lover of all things stationery, I like to make sure everything is in its place and labelled! I have files for my books and pots for my Sharpies, highlighters, fine-liners and pencils. The organisation of your desk will really help you make the most of that revision time. Plus, I am a flash card girl all the way: bright coloured pens and bubble writing is my thing.
Hope this helps!