Top 8: Things I am looking forward to this Summer

Top 8: Things I am looking forward to this Summer

It’s officially Summer! That means BBQ’s, beach days, bikinis and knobbly bobblies!

This is just a little post to discuss the things I am most excited about this coming Summer. There is something about Summer that makes everyone seem happier. Life just seems to have more of a buzz to it. Plus it’s friggin beautiful this time of year. If you’ve visited my blog before (hello, old friends!) then you’ll know I LOVE living by the beach. If not (welcome!)- it’s my favourite place in the whole world. So Summer, to me, revolves a large amount around the salty aired, chip smelling, seagull full seaside of the South Coast of England.

So here we go, the Top Ten Things I am excited for this Summer:

  1. A Cruise around the Baltics
  • 3 weeks! I am so excited to go. I have never been on a cruise, but from what I hear it’s food, trips, food, relaxation and more food. Which is funnily enough right up my street (me being a big old foodie anyway!) My Grandparents always try and come back the same, or less in weight by walking round the cruise ship frequently throughout the cruise. And by that I mean they do laps. When I first heard this I thought it was a bit excessive, but having discussed it with others- the cruise ship food sounds dangerously appealing! For the sake of my 8th aim for the summer (getting fit and healthy)- I may adopt this habit in the hope of coming back the same size!
  1. My Mini French Break
  • After my cruise (ooh sounds rather fancy written down J), I have a little bit of a manic switch around, where I am getting on the vomit comet from Portsmouth to Cherbourg the next day to join my family in France. This I am absolutely buzzed for.
  • Every other year we go away with my family to lovely houses in France, and this year I am missing a large chunk due to being on a cruise. This is sadly the consequences of growing up, being an adult forces you to make crappy decisions. (Obviously I am aware that of all crappy decisions, choosing between and a cruise and beach side holiday in France is a pretty decent one!).
  • So I will spend a few days in France, hopefully doing what we do best. That’s playing cricket, drinking wine, singing loudly to songs from 30 years ago, competitive playing of cards for pure pride of winning and taking it in turns to cook a meal (MasterChef style). Along with pretending to be fluent in French, treating the Carrefour as a day trip and roasting marshmallows on the BBQ.
  1. Getting my Puppy (a Goldendoodle)
  • We have literally been talking about getting another dog for years, but its finally happening! We are bringing our little afro ball of pure blonde fluff home after our holiday. I am so excited to see how she gets along with Jim, to buy all her PINK things, choose new toys and have a dog that fetches! Jim is a border terrier, and lordy he is a sweetie… though retrieving has never been his thing. He’s more of a throw the toy for me, I’ll chase it and then rip it to shreds kind-of-guy. I’m also super buzzed to have puppy cuddles. Eek, even thinking about it I cannot wait!IMG_3207
  1. Moving into my new Flat in Leamington
  • I think this next (and final- omg help me) year of University could be the best. I am going to be living with my best friends, in a little flat in Royal Leamington Spa. Besides the obvious living with my best friends and literally having a bestie sleep over every night, I am excited for all the little things. A clean home (hopefully!), candles, car sharing, movies in eachothers beds, getting ready for nights out with each other, eating meals together and being able to walk to the room next door when I realise (as I do every 5 minutes with my history degree) that I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s just going to be FAB.
  1. Decorating my home room
  • I recently decorated my room, a soft pink and I cant wait to add some final touches. At the moment I am OBSESSED with flamingos and I am constantly on Not On the Highstreet looking at inspiration. I love all things flamingo, cactus, pineapple and fluffy. So I’m having a field day searching for things to add to my room. I am getting some new shelves and a new bed.
  1. Our London Get-Away
  • For Jack’s birthday I bought him a trip to London and I have several ideas (no concrete plans yet- which I actually find more exciting!). One at the top of my list is Sketch- a centre for food, art and music. Every so often a new artist is allowed to totally revamp the restaurant, to recreate it in their own way. And OMG it looks insane. I’ll insert some pictures because hell-to-the-yeah I am going there.sketch 2sketch loosketch
  1. Days by the Beach
  • Need I say more. I love it. I drag Jack there all the time. We go to the arcade, we eat ice cream and we walk for miles chatting about what ifs.IMG_2850
  1. Getting fit and healthy
  • Membership- yep. Have I been much- nope. Need to work on the last bit, but baby steps! I have felt so much better being at home, with regards to my diet. I just feel that when I’m exam stress free I eat better. So getting fit and healthy is something I’m super excited about.


Undoubtedly one of the best things about University are the events and this year was awesome. Hannah and I decided that instead of spending money on an outfit, we would invest time on our makeup: it’s so easy to get all Halloween-y and spend very little! Our local shop is Asda and they actually have some really good face painting kits and loads of variety. We looked at vampire kits, cats, zombies, clowns, witches and Frankensteins, but we decided on being an alien and a fallen angel. I cannot express how much fun it was! I loved it. The alien kit contained the paints, some gems, some stick on tattoos (that reminded me of being a kid!) and a little sponge to apply it. My boyfriend, Jack, decided to go as the Joker, and Hannah’s boyfriend, Charlie went as a zombie- and they looked fantastic. I shall make sure to upload a photo!


  • Taxis are bloomin’ expensive- we spent £50!
  • When it comes to Hannah and I… Sours are lethal.
  • Fake blood tastes gross.
  • Taking these child-like tattoos off resulted in half my eye brow coming off with it.
  • Asda is pretty damn awesome at Halloween.
  • Enchiladas are great before a night out.
  • I love the Student Union’s cheesy playlists.


I Tripped…

I Tripped…

Today was one of those days! 

  • I woke up this morning with a sore foot, looked at it, and there was glass in the sole of my foot.
  • We then did pre-reading before we left for our first Lecture at 11.
  • No Seminar Tutor arrived to our Lecture, so we went and got coffee!
  • I then had 2 more seminars and 1 lecture (Tuesdays are my least favourite).
  • Went to the library to get some books out, heavy books.
  • Met my boyfriend for another coffee.
  • Walking back from my final lecture I face planted the floor. I have these stupid desert boots, and they lock together. It was so embarrassing. I don’t think I’ve fallen over like that in about a decade. Luckily it was only Hannah and a random, very nice, old lady, that saw.
  • I stood there on the verge of tears, with bleeding hands and grazed knees through my BRAND NEW jeans. I got them yesterday. I was most upset about this.
  • We then drove home and I ate a high carb pasta dish and did minimal work to make me feel better.


  • Students don’t clear away glass properly after they smash one.
  • My automatic reaction when I face plant is to yell ‘s**t!’
  • When you don’t live on campus, the amount of stuff you carry around is ridiculous.
  • Desert boots suck.
  • I learnt about the history of the cod piece today.

A Day in Warwick 

One of the perks of University: seeing your family is highly anticipated and you usually plan to do something more exciting than usual.

A not-so-perky aspect of University: saying good-bye always, without doubt, sucks.

Today we went to The Cape of Good Hope Pub for lunch, walked along the canal and then ventured out further into Warwick and found Ye Olde Tea House where we had tea and cake. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find saying good-bye to my little sister gets harder every time.


My Weekly Shop/ Basics

My Weekly Shop/ Basics

I usually spend £26 a week on my shop, some things will last more than a week and therefore won’t be on the list the following week. But here is what I like to have in my cupboards at all times. I use this as a base, I can add to this, but I always have these items as my basics.


  • avocado x4
  • bananas


  • carrots
  • cucumber
  • mixed veg bag


  • lacto-free red milk
  • lacto-free mature cheese
  • vitalite
  • lacto-free spreadable cheese
  • honey roast ham


  • frozen veg
  • peas
  • chips
  • veggie burgers
  • raspberries
  • weight watchers ready meal x3


  • crackers
  • chicken noodle soup
  • salt and vinegar rice cakes
  • tea
  • coffee
  • eggs
  • nandos piri piri salt
  • diet coke


  • shampoo and conditioner
  • eye makeup remover


  • Malibu


The Honest Blog

The Honest Blog

The past week has involved moving away from home again, starting the second year of my degree and stepping out of my comfort zone in more ways than one. Sometimes I feel like people aren’t prepared for the realities of University- and maybe it’s not always a bad thing!

Here are some of my University realities of my first week back, year 2:

  • Student Union events can be brutal.
  • You come in from a night out and look like utter crap- accept it, it’s a sign of a good night.
  • “Don’t mix drinks” is no joke.
  • There is ALWAYS a “lets scare them shitless” lecture.
  • Bus journeys take longer than you expect.
  • There is no queue at the bar, it’s every man for themselves.
  • Missing home is normal. And worse when having had a drink.
  • Reheating Chinese for breakfast is pretty decent.
  • Being pushed into joining a weird-ass society because the rep looked desperate is ok. Cancel it later.
  • I live off of egg and avocado.
  • Emails. SO MANY EMAILS.
  • I’m currently living a loanless life #didn’tsignthedeclarationformlol
  • Fresher’s Flu (first, second or third year) will get you.
  • Student Houses have hidden evils e.g: the oven doesn’t work #hellomicrowavemeals
  • Stationary costs more than my food shop- wtf.
  • Things always cost more than you think aka the taxi when the buses don’t show up.
  • High heels in clubs are for amateurs- whack out the trainers, nobody wants blisters.
  • Coffee is life.

Make Your Room Yours

You spend a lot of time in your University Room and it’s important for it to feel like home! Halls of Residence are often pretty plain in colour so you are free to personalise it and make it your own! Here are a few bits I LOVE.

All the prices and places to purchase are listed below!

IKEA Forsa Desk Lamp- £15.

Can’t Touch This’ Cactus Plant Pot Cactus Print – Cactus Pot – Gardener Gift – Ceramic Planter – Herb Garden – Spring Home Décor- £13.

Paperchase White expoxy pattern photo frame 4×6- £15.

Etsy- Jess Cowley, 5 small paperclips, planner clips, weekly planner, erin condren accessories, filofax, Kate Spade, teacher planner, office desk accessories- £3.55.

John Lewis Osco Acrylic Desk Organiser, Small- £12.

Gracie Lou Printables, Etsy, Do Small Things With Great Love Print- £3.77.

Cacti Print, Ingrid Petrie Design, Not on the High Street- £15.

Skurar NoticeBoard, IKEA- £9.

Gothic Garden Fine Porcelain Mug, Paperchase- £9.