Is it just me?

The last 24 hours: Jack and I watched 'Saving Private Ryan' in his University Halls. We had pre-drinks with his flat and played games: ring of fire, never-have-I-ever and 'f**k the dealer'. Went to Freshers Festival. Ordered Dominoes from the Student Union at 3am. Ate Dominoes and got to bed at 4 ish. Woke up … Continue reading Is it just me?

“Clean Eating’s Dirty Secret”

ORTHOREXIA: an obsession with eating foods that one considers healthy. a medical condition in which the sufferer systematically avoids specific foods that they believe to be harmful. I watched a documentary on Orthorexia today and found it surprisingly fascinating. I’d never considered how much influence YouTubers and Bloggers discussing health and lifestyle really had. Just … Continue reading “Clean Eating’s Dirty Secret”

Oxford Day Trip

Today I met my cousin in Oxford and we had an amazing time exploring, gossiping and belly laughing. My day consisted of: Buying a crappy magazine and soya latte at the train station, having arrived ridiculously early. Going bright red as the Starbucks staff struggled with the spelling of my name. Looking at all the … Continue reading Oxford Day Trip