Beauty and the Beast- Review 

Beauty and the Beast- Review 

When I went in to watch the new Beauty and the Beast I was expecting to see far more sexuality references than I did, given the media surrounding Gaston and his supposed homosexuality. Often with a spin off or remake of a film, it is either mind-blowingly fantastic or a complete flop.

Twenty-six years ago, the original Disney production of Beauty and the Beast was produced. Today, I went to see the new version described by Empire as:

“An anabashed musical with its heart on it’s sleeve and energy to spare, it is undecidedly unbeastly”.

I can, hand on heart, say that it was one of the best remakes I’ve ever seen. Emma Watson, will most definitely no longer be Hermione Granger, but in fact Belle. I love the idea that young girls watching the new Beauty and the Beast will be idolising Emma Watson. It’s been suggested that Watson refused to wear a corset, stating that if gives an unrealistic image of women. The more I learn about Watson and her Feminist Campaigning, the more I appreciate her influence on the cause.

Emma Watson’s singing voice is also fab, of course, in Harry Potter, Hermione Granger had no need to sing, but blimey that girls can belt some decent notes!

As a Downton Abbey fan, I also adored Dan Stevens, who played the Beast. It’s funny when you walk into a cinema with an idea of the character a person can play, to me he was this Upper Class Englishmen that soon became a fantastic reincarnation of the original Beast.

As a child, Belle was not the top of my list to be. I was more interested in Cinderella and Snow White personally. But in reflection, Belle is arguably the figure I would most encourage my children to aspire to be- clever, independent, level headed and brave.

The entire film was full of incredible music and vibrant, almost hypnotic colours.

It was truly fantastic and to anyone that is thinking of going- do it! You won’t regret it.

Is it just me?

Is it just me?

The last 24 hours:

  • Jack and I watched ‘Saving Private Ryan’ in his University Halls.
  • We had pre-drinks with his flat and played games: ring of fire, never-have-I-ever and ‘f**k the dealer’.
  • Went to Freshers Festival.
  • Ordered Dominoes from the Student Union at 3am.
  • Ate Dominoes and got to bed at 4 ish.
  • Woke up at midday and had chicken wings for breakfast.
  • Watched Bridget Jones, though Jack was slightly forced into it (he loved it!)
  • Walked to Warwick Fusion Bar and had sweet and sour chicken balls, Jack had chilli beef and noodles.
  • Walked to the gym and signed up.
  • Walked back to Jacks accommodation and packed our bags.
  • Caught a bus at 6.10pm to Leamington Spa.
  • Popped into McColls (the local shop) for pizza for tea and ran home in the rain.
  • Watched the apprentice.


  1. I need a waterproof coat.
  2. Our oven still doesn’t work.
  3. Sometimes Fusion is stingy with the amount of chicken balls they give you.
  4. I am basically Bridget Jones.
  5. Mosh pits in clubs are horrible, horrible things.

Lesson Learnt:

  • I should stop wearing my hair down in clubs. I don’t know if this is just me, but I’m sort of armpit height and when people dance, my hair get’s stuck under their arms and it’s genuinely terrifying.
  • Oh and wearing trainers to the Festival was definitely a good shout.
“Clean Eating’s Dirty Secret”

“Clean Eating’s Dirty Secret”

ORTHOREXIA: an obsession with eating foods that one considers healthy.

  • a medical condition in which the sufferer systematically avoids specific foods that they believe to be harmful.

I watched a documentary on Orthorexia today and found it surprisingly fascinating. I’d never considered how much influence YouTubers and Bloggers discussing health and lifestyle really had. Just as I didn’t consider whether this was a positive or negative impact.

Most of the people promoting a “healthy” lifestyle on the internet have no qualifications in the area. Grace Victory’s BBC Documentary: “Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets” is certainly worth a watch.

Summer Body Rant

Summer Body Rant

There is no doubt about it- I prefer winter clothes. Jumpers, fluffy socks, leggings, and huge scarfs. What is there not to like?

I’m not really sure how I feel about the idea of a “summer body”. I attempted a summer body last year, with the added pressure of wanting to look good for Freshers. Then it was Christmas. That’s usually when the countdown begins. It’s okay, you think, I’ve got 7 months until my holiday. Then Easter creeps up. Then exam season- where most students lock themselves away. Now, I’m sat here with my “winter body”.

It got me thinking about my “summer body” and how this “ideal” makes normal people feel inadequate for summer. A season. It made me question, why do we put the pressure on ourselves and others?

Plus Size Models don’t seem “plus” to me. Since when was a Size 12 a “plus size”? What are we suggesting to people? That having hips or bigger legs or bigger bust is to say you’re “plus size”?

Having a healthy lifestyle is one thing, but genes are another. I do not have a thigh gap, or small butt, or normal size boobs. Whatever “normal” may mean. But I’m not “plus size”. Or maybe I am- I looked on one website and the plus size model had the same size legs as me. But these features are for the majority down to genes.

I have a size 8 waist, a size 10 bottom and a size 12 bust. Sure, some styles suit and fit me better than others. But why on earth do I go looking online for clothes in my size and come away feeling overweight?

I always hear people say how they used to think they were overweight, but in reality they weren’t. It frustrates me that girls can flick through a magazine and end up feeling inferior. It’s easy to forget that it’s a models’ job to look good, to go to the gym and keep up the “summer body”.

Fashion plays a big role in this too- skinny jeans will always look better on someone with a thigh gap and beautifully long legs. But if bootleg jeans were the “in” thing, us curvy girls would be rocking them.

I just think we need a reality check. Everyone is a different shape. It’s normal to envy someone else or admire a feature of theirs. But lets not make people feel uncomfortable by the pool as their “summer body” means more booty, more bust and little less toned belly.

I am trying to love my “summer body”.

Oxford Day Trip

Oxford Day Trip

Today I met my cousin in Oxford and we had an amazing time exploring, gossiping and belly laughing.

My day consisted of:

  • Buying a crappy magazine and soya latte at the train station, having arrived ridiculously early.
  • Going bright red as the Starbucks staff struggled with the spelling of my name.
  • Looking at all the makeup in Kiko and realising I am a penniless student.
  • Oohing at the Rowers on the river.
  • Getting hissed at by ducks.
  • Wondering around Waterstones and wanting every book.
  • Fan-Girling over ‘Me Before You’ posters.
  • Walking around the Natural History Museum.
  • Questioning why all stuffed animals look as if they’re plotting to kill you.
  • Eating at Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant.
  • Wondering why I ate so much.
  • Missing my train.
  • Looking at my bank account before bed and pondering over potential money related nightmares.

PS. My exam and deadline is in 11 days. I’m in the ‘I’ve got so much work to do- I’m going to do none of it and pretend it doesn’t exist’ mind-set.