Just Cucumbers with Anxiety

Just Cucumbers with Anxiety

Hello everybody!

Sometimes we give our bodies a hard time and we need reminding that we are human. 

I don’t think that saying we’re only human’ is a great phrase… because quite frankly humans are pretty damn awesome.

  1. We, as humans, are made up of 95% water. Aka. you’re basically a cucumber…
  2. The human body contains enough fat to make seven bars of soap.
  3. When listening to music, your heart beat will sync with the rhythm.
  4. Stomach acid can dissolve metal. If it touched your skin, it would burn right through it.
  5. Tongue prints are as unique as finger prints.
  6. 50% of your hand strength comes from your pinky finger.

We don’t often think of ourselves as animals, but the reality is: we are. We are bad-ass mammals, with a heap tonne of complex emotions.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 17.40.21.png

So why do we constantly want to diet (and lose our seven bars worth of soap flubber)?

Why would we want to be the same as someone else when we’re beautifully unique (if in doubt check your tongue out in the mirror!)?

We have acid in our bellies, crazy evolved brains in our heads and power in our pinkies… we are perfectly human the way we are.

I challenge you to: 

  • Curb the comparisons. See your body in a positive light, embrace the flaws. You are perfectly imperfect. Your body gets you up every day, it will carry you through life. Treat it well. Show it some love.
  • Say ‘nuh-uh’ to body-bashing. It’s so easy to sit, often over a coffee, and body shame yourself. Why do we do that?! We do it to seek comfort in body dissatisfaction talk… but it always leaves us feeling worse. Change the topic to something more fulfilling.
  • Be realistic. What is your ‘ideal’ body image and why? I find myself gawking at pictures of super slim, totally beautiful (usually models) on instagram, facebook, magazines, etc and thinking ‘why don’t I look like that?’. Pictures of unattainable bodies fuel our insecurities. Maybe unfollow these magazines on Instagram, or avoid buying magazines you know will leave you feeling less than worthy. If it’s unavoidable call in the ‘motivational speech’ (that takes place in your head!). Ask yourself to have some perspective, how many people in everyday life look like these women? Realistically, these models and public figures that make you feel insecure about yourself, probably have their own insecurities.
  • Accept compliments. Do not brush them off. Doing so is like throwing away medicine and wondering why you still feel sick. Thank them, take the compliment, let it add some pep in your step!
  • Dress your personal best. A trap that I personally fell into, and I know I’m not alone, is keeping clothes in the back of your wardrobe and thinking ‘I’ll save them for when I’m [fill the gap]’. This is such a negative mindset. Maybe they will fit you again, but you can reward yourself when you are there. Keeping them in the name of Thinsperation is toxic. Buy clothes that fit you now, that you feel confident in now. You deserve to feel beautiful the size you are now.

So remember, you are human. Treat your body with the respect it deserves, love it and nourish it. You are beautifully unique.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 17.39.55.png

Bee xoxo





We got a Puppy- Amber!!

We got a Puppy- Amber!!

Today was a super long day, but totally worth it! We got a puppy! Our family of five (including Jim, our 10 year old Border Terrier) grew to six with Amber.

As I write this I’m in bed, having listened to her bark for 51 minutes straight (and counting!). It’s honestly heart breaking. She was one of ten golden doodle puppies and naturally she’s missing her Mumma and sisters. My room is right above the kitchen and she is piercingly loud. For a little Afro ball she sure makes one hell of a racket!

So we have known about picking Amber up for some time now and we were SO EXCITED. And she certainly didn’t disappoint. We picked her up at 11 this morning, after leaving home at 7 am, and met 2 of her sisters who were super cute! If I could I’d have honestly taken all three home. The breeder did however have 5 of their own and just from looking at the size of them… having more than one would be a nightmare!! We then brought her home and introduced her to Jim.

*moment to celebrate… its been silent for a whole minute! Hopefully she’s fallen to sleep!! Eeek!*

Jim absolutely loved her. It was so interesting to watch as we really weren’t sure how Jim would react. Part of the reason we got Amber was to keep Jim company. Being 10 years old, going on 11, with my younger sister being 14 and everyone being out of the house more, we wanted him to have a companion. Golden doodles are meant to be brilliant companion dogs and are great with all ages- so, despite being considerably bigger than Jim, she was perfect.

Jim has (what we call) “Little Dog Syndrome” whereby he gets agitated by other dogs on walks, most of the time because he feels threatened.

Well today he was (just about!) the bigger dog, and she was totally aware of the pecking order. She copied everything he did, from eating grass (and greatly disliking it and ultimately spitting it out) to weeing up the washing line… a great habit inherited from Jim.

They did laps of the garden all afternoon and it was so interesting watching them interact. She has, what I think is, a bum that could give Kim Kardashian a run for her money and a strut sassier than Beyoncé. She sort of wiggles her bum, and often when she runs it looks as though it’s catching up with her- which is adorable!

Toys-wise: we bought several toys for her specifically, but she’s far more interested in Jim’s toys and vice versa. She is equally interested in people’s feet as she is a fluffy toy and has nibbled toes once or twice this evening.

Amber also appears to have some sort of infatuation with the herb plant pot outside the backdoor. In particular the Rosemary. Likewise she has taken on the Acer tree a couple of times.

She’s unbelievably clumsy, her feet seem too big for her body and for some reason she seems to walk into EVERYTHING. She is a typical clumsy puppy, with a little extra sass and a bundle of character.

She’s perfect!

*update: she’s wailing again and every now and then Jim gives a low grumble as if to say ‘send help’… it’s gonna be a long night!*