How I manage stress.

No matter which degree you do, there is always going to be some sort of deadline and ultimately pressure! Likewise, there is shed loads of pressure in school, college and everyday life, so I am going to show you how I manage my work load. Side Note: I am a real worrier, I would worry […]


24 Hour Update

The Last 24 Hours of my Life: Never been to Aldi before, but did my shop there- £19 for a week shop! (They don’t do lacto-free anything though, which was a bummer). Had salmon pasta for tea last night. Watched Poldark with Hannah last night, on her bed while doing my nails. Did a L’Oreal […]


Back To Uni!

Preparing for second year of University has certainly been different to preparing for Freshers. In a way, it’s been considerably more stressful! House, not Halls! Some of my first year purchases have crossed over, such as my kitchen appliances and utensils, but I’ve bought far more than I anticipated. Some of these things include a […]