Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

I always say how much I love the beach. One of the biggest reasons is that it never fails to brighten up a day (no matter how grey or rainy) and makes me feel super fresh. I had been in the house pretty much all day and I was in need of some vitamin sea (punny).

I found out today there is a name for beach lovers- Thalassophile. Meaning: a lover of the sea.

Here are a few of the photos we took today!


A walk on the beach just never fails to blow the cobwebs away!

Back To Uni!

Back To Uni!

Preparing for second year of University has certainly been different to preparing for Freshers. In a way, it’s been considerably more stressful!

House, not Halls! Some of my first year purchases have crossed over, such as my kitchen appliances and utensils, but I’ve bought far more than I anticipated. Some of these things include a rug, blinds, a head board, cork boards, wardrobe organisers etc. In halls, everything is pretty much provided for you, so student houses are quite a contrast.

MY room. As per usual, I have already gone overboard on the fairy lights and bunting, but I’ve also loved thinking of new and quirky ways to display my pictures. I strongly believe in making your room personal and feel like home. I felt homesick a great deal in my first year, but having items from home and memories scattered around the room really can lift your spirits. Plus you’re spending a lot of time in your room- so make it look exactly how you like it. To do this I have purchased cute pegs and ribbon to hang my pictures on the walls, I’ve bought new throws and pillows and I’ve even got lush candles to make it feel like home.

Stationary!!! I am a complete sucker for stationary. Having gone on holiday to France this year, I stocked up on stabilo pens, highlighters, sharpees and organisers. France is possibly the cheapest place to get stationary. Plus, it’s important for a desk to be organised and easy to tidy. Ikea is my go-to for desk organisers, they’re cheap and cheerful and you can choose new styles every year!

Clothes Shopping! Every Autumn I get a new coat and a new pair of shoes. This is so that I am always prepared for the beautifully wet and cold English weather that is inevitable. I am loving New Look this year for shoes, they have such a wide variety and I know they’ll last. I’ve also stocked up on new tops, jeans, the odd skirt and clubbing outfits from Boohoo.

Primark Spree. I, personally, find that Primark clothes in general don’t fit me that well, however, the pyjamas are incredible. I purchased some last year and loved them, and have done the same this year. I also go to Primark for socks, pants, hair bands, clips, duvets, throws, slippes, cushions, hair brushes and other random but necessary items. As a student, Primark is my first port of call.

With moving into a house, it’s been pretty stressful in terms of bills and organisation, but the preparation has been pretty good fun!