Averagely Average Day

I think that some days have to be pretty boring, so that the other days stand out! Today was one of those practical, get-stuff-done days and was on the whole productive! (With the help of some Dolly Mix!)

I am currently creating a webpage as my final project and being completely honest, I am perhaps the least techy person on earth. But I’m a History Major so that’s to be expected!

To try and break up the day Hannah and I had an unsuccessful trip to Tescos (exciting) in search of A3 paper for revision- that I totally should have started last week. Naturally, I go shopping for paper and come back with sushi and avocado. I have no regrets.

I discovered avocado on toast today- it’s out of this world good.

Hannah and I also went to the gym, as we do most days, and it was pretty busy. And ultimately smelt horrendous. My nostrils were burning.

I had chicken soup for tea.

Pretty average as days go!

Oxford Day Trip

Today I met my cousin in Oxford and we had an amazing time exploring, gossiping and belly laughing.

My day consisted of:

  • Buying a crappy magazine and soya latte at the train station, having arrived ridiculously early.
  • Going bright red as the Starbucks staff struggled with the spelling of my name.
  • Looking at all the makeup in Kiko and realising I am a penniless student.
  • Oohing at the Rowers on the river.
  • Getting hissed at by ducks.
  • Wondering around Waterstones and wanting every book.
  • Fan-Girling over ‘Me Before You’ posters.
  • Walking around the Natural History Museum.
  • Questioning why all stuffed animals look as if they’re plotting to kill you.
  • Eating at Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant.
  • Wondering why I ate so much.
  • Missing my train.
  • Looking at my bank account before bed and pondering over potential money related nightmares.

PS. My exam and deadline is in 11 days. I’m in the ‘I’ve got so much work to do- I’m going to do none of it and pretend it doesn’t exist’ mind-set.

Deadlines, Burritos and Pina Colada

16th May 2016

Last week was a mash up of emotions!

  • Handed in two massive pieces of coursework. There is no denying it felt amazing. I feel as if I am finally getting the hang of this whole writing essays thing.
  • Officially finished all my lectures and seminars in my first year at University and I am beyond thrilled. Though, I still have an exam to revise for and a webpage to make.
  • Watched ‘Marley and Me’.
  • Beat my record distance on the treadmill at the gym and went every day last week with my friend Hannah. Plus I have even started doing the mini exercise routines by Lucy Wyndham-Read in between revision- they’re so quick and intense, I love them!
  • Managed to throw my favourite Disney mug in the bath, resulting in the mug smashing and creating a chip in the tub- white nail varnish was my only hope. Got angry. Tried to tidy the mess in an angry mood- got porcelain stuck in my finger. Cried. Phoned Hannah. Went for coffee.
  • As someone with majorly outdated music taste, I have recently been loving the Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack. I now know the words to Escape (the Pina Colada Song) backwards- seriously, why wasn’t I born in the 70’s or 80’s?
  • Tried my first Burrito at the Food Fair at University!
  • Spent 4 hours in the Library, later discovering the books are in no way useful.
  • Booked a holiday for next summer!
  • Had 3 coffee dates in one week… oops.
  • Went to the cinema to see Bad Neighbors 2- was in hysterics the entire time.
  • Took my dog for a walk, broke up two fights between my dog and some devil cats, and wrestled my dog away from a fight with a husky.
  • Watched the trailer for ‘Me Before You’ on repeat.

Bring on next week!

Exam Stress and Tips

This time of year is crazy stressful for most students, whether that’s School, College or University. So I’ve put together a list of things that have helped me through it, and hopefully will help others!
1.       Sleep!
Unbelievably boring tip, but key to fully functioning the next day! Never underestimate the power of sleep.
2.       Yummy Food!
I seem to always crave the unhealthy foods when I revise, so having a pre-planned scrummy snack or meal to look forward will stop you munching the bad stuff. I personally love snacking on strawberries, a cereal bar or even some cucumber and a dip!
3.       Treat yourself!
Around exam time, I find a little bit of retail therapy goes a long way. I love online shopping, I often browse online for clothes in my revision breaks or even right before bed.
4.       Pamper yourself!
I am a firm believer that relaxing in a bath, or having a hot shower after a stressful day helps everyone feel more on top things. At the moment I am loving the Dove Derma Spa self-tanning Body Lotion, I find it so refreshing after a shower and it gives me that summer glow that I love. It also smells amazing! I like to use a facial scrub before bed and have a liquorice and mint tea to relax.
5.       Leave your room!
I am a complete stress-head and have a reputation for locking myself away and working on projects into the early hours of the morning! It’s just not healthy, and personally I find my brain can focus for no longer than an hour at a time. So I take a break, grab a coffee with friends, go to the gym, even a trip to the shops. Get that booty moving and refresh that brain!
6.       Organisation!
As a complete lover of all things stationery, I like to make sure everything is in its place and labelled! I have files for my books and pots for my Sharpies, highlighters, fine-liners and pencils. The organisation of your desk will really help you make the most of that revision time. Plus, I am a flash card girl all the way: bright coloured pens and bubble writing is my thing.
Hope this helps!