Hunting For A Job

Feeling so anxious at the moment. I kind of assumed I’d get a job relatively easily this summer, but I’ve had no responses from my applications. And I need the money.

So today was spent filling out more online applications and looking at more jobs that have popped up. I applied to Wagamama and would love a job there, but the problem is I have no previous restaurant experience. It’s kind of silly as you won’t have any experience if you aren’t given a chance.

On the bright side, I had a gym induction. It’s smaller than the gym at Warwick, but it’s got everything I need. Plus I’m booked with a personal trainer tomorrow, so I can get this summer body on the way!

I also had noodles for lunch.

Bare Minerals Treat

I never used to be a makeup girl, but over the last year I’ve really gotten into it. 

Yesterday, my boyfriend came back from a cruise with this Bare Minerals makeup kit and I LOVE IT. The colours are perfect, and as someone with naturally oily skin, the matte foundation is great. I can honestly say, of all the Bronzers I’ve used, this is by far the best and stays on all day. It’s so natural looking and ideal for the summer. I genuinely feel excited to do my makeup again tomorrow!

Don’t Give Up

So after a week of hibernation and pigging out, my exams are finished! And so is my first year at Uni! I can honestly say that this year has gone so unexpectedly fast.

I think your University experience depends a lot on luck. You don’t choose who you’re with, whether that’s living or seminars or whatever. And nobody warns you how tough it can be. Putting yourself out there can be pretty hard, trying to make new friends, even when you feel like hiding away in your room. But it’s so worth it.

Don’t give up on what you want. Things have a way of working themselves out and any challenges you face simply make you a stronger person.