Dairy Free Products- My Opinion

lactoLacto-Free Milk (Normal, Sachets and Chocolate!)

  • This is my all time favourite go-to milk. It’s the one I always have in my fridge and it tastes exactly the same as normal milk. Unlike quite a few dairy free milks, the lacto-free milk doesn’t congeal or separate.
  • It also comes in long life little sachets, so you can carry it with you wherever you go.
  • The chocolate milk is a perfect treat and I seem to consume far more when I have deadlines. What can’t chocolate fix?

Soya Milk 

  • Soya milk is sweeter than lacto-free milk and has a thicker consistency than soya milkalmond milk. Whenever I am out and about, and I fancy a drink from a coffee shop, I always order soya or almond milk.
  • Soya is fattier than almond milk, but more nutritious. If ever I have something chocolate based, such as a Frappe, I choose soya, as it’s the creamier alternative.
  • I don’t, however, enjoy having it on my cereal, and sometimes it has the tendency to separate in drinks- so I make sure to keep a spoon by my side if ever I use soya.

Almond Milk

  • This is the bees knees in a Frappaccino- almond is even sweeter than soya milk. I prefer having almond milk in warm drinks or on ice. Again, it can have the tendency to separate, but tastes delicious. Starbucks is the best.

Lacto-Free Cream Cheese 

  • Is the boss. It’s great for cheesecakes and with crackers. I have (over the last yecheese---soft-cheesear) got into chutneys, and lordy the cream cheese and chutneys go together brilliantly. This is a dairy free diet must-have.



Alpro Soya Cream 

  • It can be simply poured, put on deserts and in main meals. Sometimes it quite easy to rule certain meals out, whether they are cream, milk or cheese based. But these alternatives are so good.

Oatly Milk

  • This is my preferred milk (other than lacto-free milk) in cereal. Though, once again(!), it can separate- but for some reason it doesn’t in cereal!
  • This is my entire family’s favourite milk to use with our coffee machine- it froths so well and tastes just as good as any alternative milk.



Koko Yoghurt 

  • This with granola, as a snack or even to have with fresh fruit is so scrummy. It’s coconut based, really smooth and the berry yoghurts are my favourite.

Violife cream


  • This is a vegan alternative to cream cheese. I love the taste, but the consistency is a little bit jelly-like. That’s my only complaint.


  • Feta is so fresh and actually quite a strong flavour, so you don’t need much on top of pasta, or as part of a meal.
  • It also lasts a long time.
  • Plus, I prefer feta to goats cheese. I do eat goats cheese, and quite often, but feta is creamier! My all time favourite salad (of which I have uploaded the recipe on my blog) consists of feta, watermelon, cucumber and fresh mint. It’s the best combination.

Lacto-free custard


  • This is super yummy and super creamy, You can heat it in the microw
    ave or just have it cold. Some things I really missed when I first started a dairy free diet, things such as cream and custard on deserts were one of the big ones. This is so yummy and is by the same brand that creates the lacto free milk!


I think that when you have to rule out such a seemingly large part of your diet, it can sometimes seem rather limiting. But I think, especially in today’s food domain, having a  dairy free diet is actually pretty easy. If anything, you learn more about flavours, about nutrition and alternative food groups. Whether you are trying new foods, getting used to a dairy free diet, or simply want a healthier lifestyle, try some of these products. They are so yummy- trust me.

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Life Update- Exams, Flames and Birthdays!

Hi everyone! 

I’m currently on a train on my way home for Jack’s birthday and I just wanted to make a little blog to explain why I’ve been so quiet recently. It’s pretty boring really- I’ve been drowning in University work! 

I marked your work in German’

This is perhaps one of the most interesting excuses for late essay feedback I’ve ever gotten! I submitted an essay, (which is then supposed to lead onto my large essay, so a bit like a mock, which counts towards my degree- pfft no biggy) and 4 weeks after I wondered why everyone else had feedback. And I didn’t. 

So I knocked on his office door and he held out some tattered little notebook and told me that he had marked it. But in German. 

Naturally I requested that it be sent to me – in English- so I can use the feedback for my essay. 

8 weeks later, exactly 2 weeks before the deadline for this Beast of an essay, I still don’t have the feedback. 

Long story short- aka skipping the melt down- I walked into his office and demanded an extension. 

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have the odd melt down over deadlines or stress. Well probably one per deadlines… And I’m pretty lucky with such supportive parents- who listen/ watch over Skype, the meltdown occur. Actually thinking about it, watching someone freak out over Skype about deadlines is probably quite weird. But if anything that makes them all the more supportive! 

My parents have always been great at making me see things logically- so after a little pep talk, a boost and a metaphorical “man up” session- I walked into his office. With a list. And tissues. 

I told him I was at a disadvantage, I needed that feedback- IN ENGLISH, and I needed more guidance with the course (a story for another day- but the module is a joke!). After reading my script I looked up and he said “ok”. 

And that was it really. 

So yeah I got an extension. I’m still working on this one, and submitted another long essay on Wednesday. 

Jack’s Birthday 

So my only evening off this week was Jack, my boyfriends birthday- and it was sooo good! I submitted my History of Medicine essay at 10.30 at night and went and joined the pre-drinks. 

We made vodka jelly which was beautiful, delicious and completely deadly. 

We played card games and we went to an on campus event called “Pop”- which is right up my street.

I am not brilliant in clubs, I had one experience in Freshers that kind of tainted the whole idea of clubbing for me. Most of my First year at Uni I spent in my room, or in coffee shops. Going out just wasn’t really a thing I did unless my boyfriend was up visiting. 

But since Jack joined me at Uni, I have enjoyed it more- not to the point I get really excited or I will go out on a whim. But I feel safe with Jack, and so it’s always much more fun. 

Pop is basically a huge Naughties Playlist, with a bit of Busted, McFly, Pink, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and even Take That- it’s pretty much a throwback to Year 6 Discos and I LOVE IT. 

It was really good fun. 

Not so fun: walking back into the flat to find someone passed out in their own sick… that took a while to feel comfortable putting him in his room to sleep! 

Here is a sweaty, hot mess photo of Jack and I loving life in Pop the other night! 

Jack’s Birthday Morning! 

I had a really cute/ completely moronic idea for Jacks birthday breakfast. 

This is the first time it’s just been me and him on his birthday and I thought something yummy for breakfast would be a good idea. Plus we’re trying to be healthy at the moment (what with sitting at desks a lot due to exams and deadlines- we don’t wanna get any extra podge for summer). 

So I went for waffles and honey. 

And candles… 

Student accommodation- I somehow forgot- has super sensitive fire alarms. You’re basically advised not to spray deodorant, hairspray or dry shampoo up against the window. 

So I walk in and start singing happy birthday thinking I’m the cutest- Jack charges at me and blows them out. And omg the room smelt like smoke. I was convinced the alarms would go off. 

Anyway it’s the gesture that counts 🙂 
So my life recently has been pretty tedious, but I have an AWESOME Easter Holiday Blog, with loads of wonderful pictures and stories to tell you, but I want to make it a good one. So within the next couple of weeks that will be up, along with more consistent blogs- I promise! 

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Bee xoxo 

Top 3 Wintery Foods 

Winter is one of my favourite times of year, I love the crisp, cold air, the crunchy leaves and most of all- the foods that come with it.

The Mary Berry Tomato Soup is my absolute favourite to cook on a freezing day, when I’m hungry and can’t wait to eat. 

This is one of the quickest recipes and is really cheap too! All you need is chopped tomatoes, a tiny amount of sugar, salt and a blender. It’s  TO DIE FOR, and is the sort of thing that is great the next day. It’s also a great back up, no matter when I last went shopping, I always have the ingredients in my cupboard, just in case. 

Recently I’ve been trying to be pretty healthy, and one of the things I’ve noticed is how important breakfast is. I eat breakfast quite a bit before I go to uni, so I have a while to wait before and avocado on toast is quick and beyond filling. 

Caramelised cinnamon apples, the absolute best on top of morning porridge- they also make the entire house smell amazing.

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Bee xoxo

How I manage stress.

No matter which degree you do, there is always going to be some sort of deadline and ultimately pressure! Likewise, there is shed loads of pressure in school, college and everyday life, so I am going to show you how I manage my work load.

Side Note: I am a real worrier, I would worry about worrying if I could. Everyone deals with pressure differently, I personally go from being OK and feeling in control of my life one day, to feeling like I am drowning in work and there is nothing I can do about it. So throughout the last few years, I’ve picked up ways to avoid the intense stress.


  • Clear Desk: even if it’s just before bed you do a quick sweep of the desk, organise paperwork, put things in their place and set up so that you can start fresh tomorrow.
  • Desk Organisers: this just makes your life easier: pots, boxes, files etc.
  • Lists: revision timetables were never really my thing, but having a list of priorities always keeps me on track.

Find a place you are comfortable working.

  • Having lived in Halls of Residence, it’s fair to say you don’t get peace and quiet all the time. I personally found that it was easier to walk to a study space and do my work there. Nobody cares if you’re in your pyjamas or even bring your slippers! Universities are usually pretty good at providing lots of study areas for Students- make the most of them.
  • If you don’t have this option (like me now that I am off of campus) then make sure you use your time wisely. It’s common knowledge University students don’t get up early, so I make the most of this, and start my work at 7am, when the house is quietest. Yes, it’s early, but if you smash an essay, it’s so worth it.

Set up Camp.

  • Whenever you are ready to work, you do it. If you get a sudden urge to write, seize the moment. Sometimes I’m just not tired and for some random reason feel buzzed- I start writing or planning. It doesn’t matter when you complete tasks as long and you get enough sleep.
  • When I know I am going to be sat at my desk for a long period of time, I make sure I am ready for it.
  • First stop- Coffee. I allow myself one every 30 to 40 minutes- that’s my revision break.
  • A snack, in case I get the munchies.
  • My paperwork and notes neatly stacked around me.
  • Be comfortable, have a shower, feel clean and fresh and put some pyjamas on.

Have realistic targets.

  • I make sure I aim to achieve something and work until I do- but be realistic.

Do things for yourself.

  • Facemasks: I personally love the L’Oreal clay masks at the moment.
  • Paint your nails.
  • Retail therapy.
  • A coffee with friends- particularly friends who are equally stressed, then you off load and feel much better.
  • Eat GOOD food. From experience pot noodles are not the best for brain power, cook something, take half an hour to make a pasta dish, or put some chicken goujons in the oven.

Email people who can help you.

  • Whether that’s mentors, tutors, teachers, bosses- even just to clarify something minor, if it means you feel good about what you’re writing its worth it.


  • Just means you don’t zombie your way through the essay.

I Tripped…

Today was one of those days! 

  • I woke up this morning with a sore foot, looked at it, and there was glass in the sole of my foot.
  • We then did pre-reading before we left for our first Lecture at 11.
  • No Seminar Tutor arrived to our Lecture, so we went and got coffee!
  • I then had 2 more seminars and 1 lecture (Tuesdays are my least favourite).
  • Went to the library to get some books out, heavy books.
  • Met my boyfriend for another coffee.
  • Walking back from my final lecture I face planted the floor. I have these stupid desert boots, and they lock together. It was so embarrassing. I don’t think I’ve fallen over like that in about a decade. Luckily it was only Hannah and a random, very nice, old lady, that saw.
  • I stood there on the verge of tears, with bleeding hands and grazed knees through my BRAND NEW jeans. I got them yesterday. I was most upset about this.
  • We then drove home and I ate a high carb pasta dish and did minimal work to make me feel better.


  • Students don’t clear away glass properly after they smash one.
  • My automatic reaction when I face plant is to yell ‘s**t!’
  • When you don’t live on campus, the amount of stuff you carry around is ridiculous.
  • Desert boots suck.
  • I learnt about the history of the cod piece today.

Weekend Plans and Boyfriends

The past weekend has been pretty hectic, here is the run down! 

  • My parents went on holiday without me- it’s been planned for a while and was going to happen one day! 
  • So I made plans to spend the weekend with my friend, we were going to Skool Dayz (an SU event) and go shopping. This plan fell threw unfortunately as Hannah had to go home.  
  • After a phone call with my Dad on Wednesday, we decided I should come home, and not spend the weekend alone (as literally ALL my friends had gone home).
  • So Thursday I came home by train. 
  • Friday I spent the day with my Mum and had Curry and watched Greys Anatomy with my sister.
  • Saturday, I said goodbye to my family as they set off to Wales, and went and had lunch with my grandparents and then went on to Rock Up afterwards with my little cousin.
  • Saturday night was hard, the house is so so quiet without anyone in, every other time I’ve been alone I’ve had the dog.
  • Sunday (today), I had a roast at my grandmas and caught the train back with my boyfriend  (where I am now).


  1. I can’t seem to travel on a train without eating quavers. Apparently it’s a thing.
  2. Family go out of their way to make last minute plans. Even if you feel alone, there is always an easy solution. Home is always home. 
  3. This weekend I had an ugly eye as I think I poked myself during my sleep and it’s all red and blood shot. It’s ugly. 
  4. In the future, I am 100% getting a cat or dog, because being completely alone at night is actually rather terrifying. 
  5. Rock up is awesome. No matter what age.
  6. I have the best boyfriend for buying me a pink water bottle because I made a tiny comment about liking them a few weeks ago. 
  7. Train coffee isn’t that great. 
  8. I ate 7 potatoes today. And 2 puddings.

Side note: 

Long distance relationships are tough and a lot of people do break up before Uni. But as someone that did a year where my boyfriend was in Southampton, and I was in Warwick- it’s ok. It is do able. Sometimes it even makes you stronger as a couple. But it’s not for everyone. I believe that if you aren’t happy with someone, you have every right to end the relationship, it’s hard, but so much better than dragging it out when your feelings have changed. 

Having said that, there is definitely a ‘way’ of breaking up with someone. And that way is not text. Watching one of my closest friends go through a rubbish break up has really got me thinking. I appreciate my relationship more. I certainly feel very protective of her. I feel angry for her- I just think that, no matter how hard, we should always do the right thing. 


Since my last blog I have: 

  • Had a typical University melt down on the phone to my Dad.
  • Eaten spaghetti bolognese.
  • Done prereading that was never discussed and was a waste of time.
  • Ate a whole bag of chocolate buttons. And I’m lactose intolerant. Probably my lowest point.
  • Went to still life drawing classes with art society.
  • Made a friend called Oscar at still life class. 
  • Caught a train (actually I am on it now!) 


  1. Not giggling at the naked man wasn’t that hard, it was actually a really cool experience.
  2. Whenever I book a seat on a train someone else is sat in it. And usually an older person, someone with a child or someone who has fallen asleep. 
  3. Getting worked up and crying just leaves you with a headache. Things usually sort themselves out.