Get Ready Faster

Get Ready Faster

Mornings are sucky. Your alarm clock has been ‘snoozed’ for the third time, your bed is toasty warm and you’re busy dreaming of the weekend. You’ve been awake for a while now, just lying there, contemplating what would happen if you just didn’t get out of bed today. Quite frankly, you’re too fabulous to suffer in the morning. So here are a list of things to make the transition from dreaming to ‘come at me world’ that bit easier!


Don’t wake up to that  a l a r m   c l o c k  noise that we all despise, wake up to some feel good tunes! Here are a few of my favourite: Viva la Vida (Coldplay), Lovely Day (Bill Withers) or On Top of the World (Imagine Dragons). troy.gif

C a f f e i n e. Think of it in terms of Disney. Coffee is magic. It get’s Cinderella from rags to riches, makes Peter Pan fly and it turned a frog into a Prince for goodness sake. It’s an infinitely powerful and supernatural force. This stuff works miracles. The whirring of the coffee machine will become music to your ears.cinderella

To shower or not to shower: that is the question.

  • Yes/ To Shower: Get in there, you’ve made the commitment. You will be refreshed and will come out with your head well and truly in the game! Showers are great for prepping your skin for the day too, so why not do your skin routine in there too?
  • No/ Not To Shower: Organisation at it’s best. Evening showers are for winners! (It’s actually proven that there are skin-related benefits. Besides removing all the yuck and oils, it leaves you feeling super calm for bed!) You have less to do in the hectic morning, plus you’ve probably slept better too. The better you sleep, the better your skin and hair will look too! Result. If you want to be even more savvy, why not braid your hair before bed too? Even better, as there is not heat being used on your hair!

Keep your b e a u t y   k i n g d o m spick and span.That’s right, remove your day old coffee mug, put the contents of the makeup bag into the makeup bag, untangle your hairdryer from all the other irons and chargers and make sure all brushes are within arms reach for ‘morning-you’/zombie. It’s all about easy access, here are a few things I do:

  • Curl your eyelashes, add mascara and go (if in super rush!).
  • Want an easily applied, super long lash effect mascara? Benefit mascara.
  • Try to double up: use your lipstick as your cheek colour or your highlight as eyeshadow.
  • Opt for cream cosmetics and apply them with your fingers. ‘Zombie-You’ will love it, total ‘ug’ method and easy peasy, even if you’re half asleep. sleepy.gif

Put on some l i p s t i c k.Make you feel more glam, and make it appear as though you’ve spent longer than you have. Get some inner calm, girl. You are going to crush today. Morning frenzies are normal. joey.gif

Pre-plan your outfit, so that dreamy, motivation-lacking-You can just climb into them, without questioning what they’re doing. 7am shouldn’t involve thinking. Yes, it’s the sort of thing you did when you were 3. But does it get you out of the house looking like a put together sass ball of a woman? Yep, that’s what I thought.

Eat on the go. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (haven’t we heard that a gazillion times!) so have something you can grab quickly. Stick your toast in the toaster the night before, set out the coffee cups (and even the coffee pod!) or make some breakfast muffins. Make your lunch the night before too. Just keep it simple so you’re not running around like a headless chicken in the morning!sleep

Have some go-to hairstyles! A low pony, a messy bun, a low bun, or a plait: super quick. Practice and you will be a pro and able to do it in minutes! If you want to know more about some Easy Hair Hacks,click here for a blog post all about it. ariel.gif

Set your bag up, next to your keys and purse- ready to run out the door like the tornado Queen you are. You may be noticing a recurring theme… lay things out for Zombie-You, she needs the help. Really she does. tights 2

I hope this helps anyone who struggles to wake up in the morning and will help you turn your frazzled mornings, into oases of calm.


No Woman Should Be Embarrassed Of Her Body- Body Truths

No Woman Should Be Embarrassed Of Her Body- Body Truths

Fat shaming, skinny shaming, booty shaming, boob shaming- are such common occurrences on social media. And if you take one thing from this blog, please, please, please let it be this- ‘your body is perfect’. Nature did not make a woopsy daisy when it made you. You are a fully functioning, beautiful human bean! Arm hair, leg hair, spots and periods- yup that makes you a woman.

Here is a picture of the worlds biggest sex icon. Her tummy isn’t tightly toned, her thighs touch, her arms aren’t skinny, she has stretch marks and her boobs aren’t perfect. She is known as one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN HISTORY. Be you with confidence.


Make body decisions that are right for you.

You own that body, you do with it what you wish. I remember at school, I used to dread getting changed for PE. The silliest of things would worry me, including whether or not I shaved my legs the night before! Let’s be real, how many times have you clocked someone not shaving their legs and actually cared?

Oh and those wonderful things we call stretch marks. They’re such an odd thing for us to be self conscious about. I mean, they are literal marks to show we are women. They fade, the grow- and they can even disappear with certain products, like coconut oil! Our bodies are pure magic, they stretch, they grow, they even create new life- wear your stripes with pride.

Your weight.

This is one very close to my heart. I remember in school I used to compare myself to those around me constantly. I wasn’t big, but I have never been teeny tiny either. And that’s OK. Your weight is a number.

I, personally, really dislike scales. I have never hopped off the scales feeling anything but inadequate. This disappointment, personally, does not drive me to be healthier. It literally drives me to Krispy Kreme. I am 5 ft 3 and, according to BMI, I am overweight. I go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week, I have an active lifestyle and I eat healthily too. I certainly don’t look fat. One of my least favourite words ever. 

So remember, weight is just a number.

Something ‘jiggling’ is normal.

Girls, and boys alike, have bellies. Bellies that jiggle. Some more than others. If you want to see a beautifully fit, but completely real woman- check out Chessie King‘s Instagram. She’s a total gym bunny and is great for boosting body confidence, she uploads a lot of Instagram vs Realities.

Make sure you focus on the things that you love about yourself, as well as the your insecurities.

Channel you inner Meghan Trainor:


Some people don’t have thigh gaps. 

Thigh gaps are biological, it’s the width of you pelvis that determines whether or not you have one. Some things are never meant to be!

Some people do have thigh gaps. 

We shouldn’t shame people that do, nor should we shame people that don’t. It’s normal to appreciate somebody elses’ features, or even envy them. But don’t forget you are unique, and that’s what makes each and one of us beautiful.

Your nose is perfectly proportioned in every way.

We use noses to smell- fact. Who on earth came up with the ‘ideal’ nose? Our bodies are perfectly proportioned, from the length of your legs, to the width of your hips. Your nose is too. It really bothers me that the size of shape of noses could be used as an insult. No matter what shape, or size- it’s perfect.


Your laugh is beautiful.

Happiness always shines through. Have you ever read the Twits? I read it when I was little, and it’s stayed with me since. Roald Dahl is spot on.

“If a person has ugly thoughts, it begins to show on the face. And when that person has ugly thoughts every day, every week, every year, the face gets uglier and uglier until you can hardly bear to look at it.

A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts it will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

Beauty is imbedded in happiness. Laugh often. Hysterics are actually fantastic for your health. There is nothing better than the feeling of hysterical laughter, or making someone else laugh.

Your feet are not too big.

Again, it’s funny how we can see feet as something potentially ‘beautiful’. I mean, I think they’re pretty funny looking, on everyone. Don’t compare your feet to others. They will carry you through every adventure in life– so if they end up wrinkly, or blistered or I don’t know what- they’re there for a purpose!

It is so easy to automatically put yourself down, constantly. We all do it, ‘I feel fat in these jeans’ or ‘my skin looks terrible today’. Let’s stop shaming, in every variation, and embrace our bodies for what they are. Instead of ‘fat talk’, we should empower each other. Value your body, look after it- you deserve to feel healthy and beautiful as the person you truly are. 




Hairstyle Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Hairstyle Hacks Every Girl Should Know

If you’re anything like me, sometimes (daily) you run late.  Whether you snooze the alarm one time too many or mess up your winged eyeliner, something always happens to make you have a last-minute panic. Though I love the idea of simply being fashionably late, I know that really my lack of punctuality soon becomes unfashionably annoying.


During this getting ready frenzy, my hair usually falls to the bottom of my ‘to-do’ list. And, let’s be honest, having your hair ‘did good’ makes you feel ready to take on whatever the day may have in store for you! You can channel the g l a m. So I put together some tips I have learnt over the years to make getting out the door (with your hair intact!) that little bit easier.


Here you go!

Spray your bobby pins with hairspray.

  • This way they stay in place all day!

 Spray your toothbrush with hairspray to tame baby hairs.

  • I have always had baby hair at the front of my head… and they can really wind me up. As a child they would curl up and out, sort of like horns. I saw this hack online, tested the theory and it worked! So yay, bye horns, I win.

Put your hair in a high pony tail, then curl it. 

  • I have this theory that if you wake up feeling even remotely crappy, you should spend that extra 5 minutes on yourself. Then, if it’s a reflection or a mirror in the bathroom, at a glance you look in control (even if you don’t feel it!). For some reason, having my hair put together, and giving others the idea that this girl has extra time to do her hair in the morning gives me great comfort. Nobody need know about the bed hair frenzy!meryl.gif
  • Anyway, I digress! It’s really quick to spruce up your hair by tying it into a high pony and curling it. This way, you look fabby and it’s taken you no more that 5 minutes!

Spray hairspray on your hand for a softer look.

  • I can sometimes go a little overboard on the hairspray, and then you have the crunchy, tacky feel to your hair. And nobody wants that! So if you spray it onto your hands, you can give your hair that little bit more volume. This gives a more natural curls look and saves you the wasted hairspray.

Blow dry your hair with cool air after blow drying it.

  • Blow drying my hair can take me aaaages, and there is nothing more frustrating than styling my hair and five minutes later looking like I’ve had a run in with a rabid squirrel. So blowing cool air prevents your hair from going frizzy and sets the style.
  • It’s kind of like washing your face with warm water, followed by cool!

Put mousse in your dry hair, then blow dry it. 

  • If you’re having one of those volume-less, non-co-operative hair days- then this hack is perfect. By adding mousse to dry hair, then blow drying it, you add the volume you were lacking!
  • I personally find volume-less hair the hardest to work with.

Use talc powder instead of dry shampoo. 

  • For those desperate times. I can most definitely say for blonds (brunettes- maybe try this out first!) this works wonders. It acts as a dry shampoo really nicely.

Put dry shampoo in the minute you wake up.3a2406db-6630-4d77-bd19-d909bc9919a3

  • Dry shampoo, my companion on lazy days, or those mornings when my hair is limp, volume-less and greasy! I try so hard not to wash my hair every day, it’s really not a great habit to get into- but greasy hair just makes me feel g r o s sSoooo dry shampoo is a God send. But a top tip is to put it on the minute you wake up as it takes a while to soak up the oils.
  • I always apply it before I do my makeup.

Put dry shampoo in before bed.

  • If it’s day 2 (or 3 or 4!) of not washing your hair, and you know it’s going to be looking a lil bit greasy in the morning, put some dry shampoo in before bed. This really works, not only do I wake up and think ‘huh, that’s not too bad’, it also makes it easier to style!

Only wash the front section of your hair.

  • Ladies, this is when your hair just ain’t cooperating. Whether you slept on it funny, it rained or you just need to feel f r e s h- wash the front section. It may seem odd, but it works. It’s easier to style and doesn’t take anywhere near as long as washing the lot!

Have a ‘go-to’ hairstyle: mine is the low pony tail.

  • My go-to hairstyle is a low pony. Not only does it look slick, it means nobody can see the mess we call greasy hair!
  • I mean, you can go crazy: low ponytail, low bun, french plait… the skies the limitown it

I hope these hacks help you spruce up your hair on those running late, greasy lookin’ (probably Monday) days!

Bee xoxo

Oh and here is a GIF of a dog who, much like me, hates blow drying his hair!


University Life … In GIFs

University Life … In GIFs

Hi everybody!

Today’s blog is all about University… in GIF’s.

  1. When the lecturer reads off of the powerpoint #whyamievenheredarcy
  2. Deadlines.responsibilities.gif
  3. After I complete deadlines.celebreate.gif
  4. Realising you did the wrong readings.lily.gif
  5. Sitting next to ‘that person’ who knows everything and wants to debate everything too. 
  6. Putting the bins out and realising your flat live like animals.elf.gif
  7. When you don’t get your essay back for months on end. Like, do you realise how long I slaved away on this, Simon? I pulled an all nighter. I ate an entire tube of pringles.melissa.gif
  8. When somebody steals your milk. It’s war.
  9. Washing up after you’ve used every utensil and plate you own. #ignoreit #itwilldisappeardishes.gif
  10. Going to the gym with your friend.gym.gif
  11. When your friends aren’t in, and you’re alone on
  12. People stealing your chair in a study space.stress
  13. Awkward silences in seminars.seal.gif
  14. Finally getting a decent grade. powerranger
  15. When all your friends make it to the lecture. Bridesmaids.gif
  16. When the going gets tough, and you miss home. tears.gif
  17. Being given the ‘this is the most important year of your life’ speech for the millionth time. shut up
  18. Giving your friend that look because it’s your song. song.gif
  19. Looking at your bank account after ignoring it for weeks.amy.gif
  20. My brain during exam period. christina

Right now I’m a mixture of exam period, looking at my bank account and being told this year is the most important of my life! I mean, I’ve been told that every year so far (like since year 6)! So I’m also channelling my inner Melissa McCarthy and metaphorically punching this history degree right in the throat. Well attempting to!

Bee xoxo

New Series: ‘Teenage Struggles’

New Series: ‘Teenage Struggles’

Hi everybody,

I have recently turned 21. And with this came the realisation that I’m no longer a teen. I mean, that was obvious when I turned 20 as well, but it really hit home on my 21st birthday. I’m no longer just out of my teenage years. I’m in my twenties.

It got me thinking. I experienced a lot of the stereotypical things that teenagers go through, from spots of every kind, periods from hell and body changes that seemed totally premature. I also had my fair share of mortifying moments, from embarrassing crushes, rejection, splitting my trousers at school and sitting in chewing gum (my own!!)- to list a few!

Basically your teenage years are a whirlwind of emotions- and sometimes completely crap. I have a 14 year old sister and I watch her going through exactly the same things as I did. So I thought I would start a series of blogs all about ‘teenage struggles’. I absolutely love writing my ‘girl problem’ series, and I thought I could share my own experiences (and ultimately what I’ve learnt!) with you.

So here it is, my official introduction to my new series ‘Teenage Struggles’, because the #struggleisreal 🙌

So cheers to raging hormones, friendship struggles, big ass spots that appear on school photo day and the emergence of wobbly bits! And all the things that make us stronger women💪

I will be uploading one a week (🤞) and will be posting about these on my instagram too (@abeesworld)!

Bee xoxo

Marie Stopes and the Birth Control Movement

Marie Stopes and the Birth Control Movement

This week, in the UK, we have been celebrating 100 years of women having the vote. I wrote an article for my University newspaper about Marie Stopes to celebrate the advances of the women’s liberation movement over the last century. I would love it if you checked it out!

Marie Stopes, one of the founders of the British family planning movement, was a highly intellectual, energetic, unconventional and controversial woman. When celebrating women’s rights, she is an individual who is undeniably relevant.

In March 1918, Marie Carmichael Stopes published: ‘Married Love’, the first British sex manual. In spite of her scientific training, Marie Stopes married at the age of 31, with no knowledge of human sexuality. After two years of marriage, and no child, she became concerned that there was something wrong with her marriage. Marie Stopes then spent six months in the British Museum reading every text, of multiple languages, regarding sex and human sexuality. Emerging from the Victorian era, people were both factually ill-informed and emotionally frigid about sexual matters, therefore literature on intercourse at this time was scarce. Upon her reading, Stopes came to the conclusion that her marriage had not be consummated, that she was a virgin and her husband was impotent. By 1917, having acquired a lawyer, the marriage was annulled.

The case of Marie Stopes and her husband, Reginald Ruggles Gates, is not unique. Stopes yearned to emancipate women through education of sex and sexuality. Stopes was a leading figure in the birth control movement, whom encouraged open discussions regarding the typically taboo subject and aspired to strengthen Britain’s slowly deteriorating nation through family limitation and female choice. Following the war, the health of the population was a national crisis. Education was central to this issue. Women were simply not educated on how to take control of their own fertility. Working class families were large, resources were minimal and the health of infants was poor. Thus, Marie Stopes’ sex manual ‘Married Love’, inspired by her own marital problems, ‘crashed English society, like a bombshell’. Within two weeks 2,000 copies were sold and by the end of 1918 a sixth edition of the book was readily available. Stopes’ writing did not end there. Throughout the 1920’s and 1930’s Stopes wrote more literature centred on sex, as well as contraception. These included: ‘Wise Parenthood: a Treatise on Birth Control or Contraception’, ‘Radiant Motherhood’, ‘Contraception: its theory, history and practice’, ‘Sex and the Young’, ‘The Human Body’ and ‘Enduring Passion’. Her writings inspired the formation of societies to promote contraception and the expectation of equality in sexual relations along with the establishment of birth control clinics in 1921.

Birth control clinics were established in working class districts of numerous British towns and cities. There was even the emergence of other societies advocating birth control, such as the Society for the Constructive Birth Control and the National Birth Control Council (later renamed the Family Planning Association in 1939). These establishments were seen as political, helping advance women’s rights and empower the working classes. Despite her clinical work, literature and speeches evoking fierce opposition, especially from the Roman Catholic Church, she did manage to influence The Church of England. In 1930 the Church of England relaxed its’ stand against birth control, accepting that it could be used within marriage, when husband and wife felt compelled to limit the size of their family. By the 1950’s the working class bodies and sexuality had become signifiers of the modernisation of British class society. Working class women were perceived as being in control of the size of their family. Marie Stopes’ efforts to encourage women to take control of their reproductive ability led to the research allowing the establishment of contraceptive pill in 1961. With this, the 1967 Abortion Act was introduced following the ongoing illegal back street abortions. Over the last 100 years women’s right and methods of contraception have become embedded in our modern day society, evolving and adapting as we do.

The portrayal of Marie Stopes as the epitome of the New Woman and absolute feminist is further illustrated in her research and reputation as an academic, prior to the publishing of her best-selling guide to birth control. Her father, Henry, was a pioneering archaeologist and keen collector of Stone Age artefacts. Her mother, Charlotte, was a suffragette and Shakespearian scholar. The influence of such characters on Marie Stopes was evident from a young age. Stopes was indisputably given the opportunities other women in this period were not. She graduated from University College London in only two years, winning the Gold Medal for biology, becoming what all aspiring young women in the Scientific world wanted to be. Stopes study into botany after the turn of the century led to her being hailed as the youngest Doctor of Science in Britain. However, they were unaware that she was a woman. This detail encouraged those previously hailing her as a phenomenon to withdraw opportunities. But others were inspired to aid her rise in the Scientific world. This divide demonstrates the controversy her work as a woman had on the changing ideas of female capabilities and roles in society.

Marie Stopes career as a birth control activist and high prophet of marital sexual passion for both husband and wife, led to the publication of literature and establishment of institutes that initiated modern day attitudes towards womens’ reproductive health. The Family Planning Clinics, by the 1930’s, were thriving in London, Aberdeen, Leeds and Belfast. Though Marie Stopes remains a controversial figure. The image of Marie Stopes as a feminist pioneer breaking down the taboo surrounding women’s sexuality while advocating their right to decide when to have children, often overshadows her image as a staunch supporter of eugenics, and eugenic birth control. Her eugenic tendencies permeate through her promotion of contraception among the working class. In essence, her philosophy on birth control was centred on having ‘babies in the right place’. Stopes was a believer in removing the ‘undesirables’ in society. The original posters of the ‘Society for Constructive Birth Control’ founded by Stopes, were propagated in the name of ‘Society for Constructive Birth Control and Racial Progress’. The idea of the ‘unwanted baby’ assumes a completely different meaning when contextualised within the eugenics movement. Often, Stopes eugenicist beliefs are depicted as an unfortunate footnote to her achievements. It has been suggested she was merely a product of her time, a time when national deterioration and racism was not uncommon. But it begs the question: can this really be ignored?

Contraception has always been about reproductive freedom. For freedom in general. The ability to choose if, and when, to start a family has massive consequences for women in terms of educational and professional aspirations. This, in turn, affects their income as well as the fulfilment of their goals. The debates surrounding women’s choice and contraception are ongoing at an international level. Those anti-contraception arguments refer to ‘natural law’ and the human rights of the unborn child. In the 1920’s female’s that used contraceptives were perceived as promiscuous and generally immoral individuals, unfortunately being a common misconception of the time. This assumption continues today, though a minority view, in the radical anti-contraception movements. Within streams of the Christian Church, including the Catholic and Evangelical, the idea that birth control violates the culture of life remains prominent. However, the more generally accepted ideology regarding contraception in Western societies is that women have the right to do as they wish with their bodies. It has even been perceived as an environmental benefit with over-population becoming a very real problem. From legal and illegal actions, feminists of the Women’s Liberation Movement have employed an abundance of methods to demand social and legislative change. The BBC have made documentaries following the history of birth control, there have been countless marches and strikes for women’s rights, including the smashing of pornography shop windows and flour-bombing of beauty pageants. The policies of reproduction lie at the heart of feminist campaigns across the world. Though birth control is internationally used, and for the most part accepted, it is still hotly debated. But remains an irreplaceable part of our modern day society.

Birth control is often described as one of the most significant advances of the twentieth century. It gave women control. Control over their own bodies, over their family expansion and the ability to decide their own destiny. The emergence of ‘Married Love’, in 1918, sparked feminist debates regarding women’s sexual education, their role in society, their ability to limit reproduction and ultimately inspired questions regarding the rights of womankind. It is undeniable that women benefitted from Marie Stopes birth control advocacy, though her dark underlying ideology cannot be ignored.

Wardrobe Malfunctions That Tick Girls Off, Part 2

Wardrobe Malfunctions That Tick Girls Off, Part 2

OK, so there are a looot of things that frustrate me about clothes of today, varying from flashing your knickers on a windy day to having a claustrophobic meltdown after getting stuck in a top in the changing rooms. Here is another list of 10 Wardrobe Malfunctions That Tick Girls Off.

  1. VPL. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Leotards are the worst for this! You don’t want a dented looking booty, and even the ‘invisible pants’ are telling porkies #girlproblems pants.gif
  2. Windy days + skirts = a knicker flash. I would love to say I’m slick enough to be all Marilyn Monroe about this- but no. skirt.gif
  3. Maxi dresses… being too maxi. I’m not even that small! I’m 5ft 3. Granted I’m not massive, but the Maxi dresses shouldn’t be a trip hazard. trip.gif
  4. Phones not fitting in pockets. This one I feel bad even putting in, because it’s super first world problems! I have an iPhone 7 Plus (pretty much an iPad) and it doesn’t fit in any pockets, it’s just another thing to remember to pick up. phone
  5. The Changing Room Panic. This has happened to me on numerous occasions and as a result I rarely go shopping alone. I genuinely think I developed claustrophobia specifically with regards to changing rooms. The panic of putting a top on and NOT BEING ABLE TO GET OUT. You do a sort of jumpy wiggle in desperation. Arms in the air, breathing in as much as you can and preparing yourself to walk out of the changing room to ask for help. Mortifying. Please tell me I’m not the only one?cat.gif
  6. Gym leggings falling down. To clarify, my leggings aren’t baggy, this is not because I am skinny. It’s to do with the design. Fellow gym-goers are more likely to think ‘what the heck is that girl doing on the treadmill?’ as I run while holding my trousers up, in fear of mooning someone behind me. A bit like a waddling
  7. Tops with make-up on in shops. This really aggravates me. I have a little hack for people who wear makeup and want to try clothes on. And it may sound silly, but I swear it works! Pull all your hair over your face + put the top on = no makeup mark! I always get super sad when I see a top I like but it’s smothered in a brownish nose mark around the neck. clothes
  8. 3/4 length trousers looking like ‘ankle bangers’. I love me some floaty trousers. But sometimes they can look totally ridiculous! Like I say, I’m 5 ft 3 and some trousers are simply too long, I got some 3/4 length trousers, but they’re an awkward length. There is literally an inch between my shoes and my trousers. It’s a dodge look.
  9. Flared sleeves. Flared sleeves are my favourite thing at the moment. But there is no denying that they get in the way. Washing up is a nightmare, eating dinner is beyond messy and putting a coat on makes the sleeves ruffle up to your shoulders so you look like a sumo wrestler.
  10. Socks slipping off in your shoes. The most uncomfortable feeling. Plus you have to take your shoes off in public to retrieve the escapee sock.
Coffee Architects Brunch Date

Coffee Architects Brunch Date

Hello everybody!

This morning I brunched with my friend Hannah in a really sweet place called ‘Coffee Architects’ in Leamington Spa. I took some pretty pictures and thought I’d share them with you!

It’s a really little coffee shop and a bit of a hidden gem in Leamington. It’s just off of the Leamington Parade and has about 6 tables in the main coffee shop. Hannah and I got there at about 9.30 and there was already a queue outside the door. This actually turned out for the best, as we were then sat out in the garden, under a canopy, with heaters, blankets and hot water bottles! It’s so pretty, with bunting, little plants and fairy lights. I was in Instagram heaven!

I ordered a tea and some French toast for breakfast and it was amazing (and huge!).

Here are a few of the photos that I took!


Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

Bee xoxox

Forest & Shore Hallelujah Hair Oil- Review

Forest & Shore Hallelujah Hair Oil- Review

Hi everybody!

A few weeks ago I was approached by Forest & Shore Ltd to try out their Hallelujah Hair Oil.

hair oil
Hallelujah Hair Oil

Since having highlights put in my hair it has been super knotty. This, combined with the cold weather in the winter and blow drying my hair every other day, has meant that my hair was in pretty bad condition. But I have noticed so quickly the improvement! It’s so soft and rejuvenated.

hair 2

Some of the perks of Forest & Shore Hallelujah Hair Oil is that it’s 100% vegan and cruelty free. It’s a synergised blend of coconut, sesame, olive, sunflower and arnica, scented with rosemary and lavender. What’s not to like?! It smells divine and has made my locks silky smooth again!


I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from damaged hair or even those that just fancy giving their hair that little bit more TLC in these chilly months. You can purchase it on the Forest & Shore Ltd Website page or even Amazon!


Treat yo-self!

Bee xoxo