Let’s Talk Home Sickness

Let’s Talk Home Sickness

Hi everybody!

Have you ever been to a place you’re supposed to love, but all you can think about is home?

Yes. I certainly felt homesick in my first year of University (and occasionally I still do). Today’s blog I am going to talk about why I felt homesick and how I overcame it.

Why I felt Homesick: 

Here, I am going to quote Winnie the Pooh. Sounds silly, but he was a clever little bear.

‘How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard’

My situation going to University was slightly different to others as I had a boyfriend who was staying on at my college for another year, Jack. We had, at this point, been together for 1 year. A bunch of really helpful (completely ignorant) people had told me they didn’t expect us to last the year apart.  All those little comments really stuck in head. When you’re anxious about moving out or moving away from your family, comments like this can add to your worries.  The first few weeks of University were hard on the relationship, but I was really lucky, he put in as much effort as I did and everything worked out brilliantly. I missed him a lot, and through the struggles I experienced in Freshers, he was there every step of the way. I missed seeing him every day, which I had done for a whole year. And just as a heads up, Jack and I did last, and it made us stronger. Long distance relationships are tough- but totally do-able.

The equally huge change for me was moving away from my family. My parents have always encouraged me to do my best and so I never felt like they didn’t want me to go. I knew they were proud of me. But sometimes feeling like expressing how you feel (AKA: homesick) makes you worry that people will be disappointed. Give yourself a little slap on the hand if you feel like this. If you feel homesick, you tell someone. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. There were countless nights I couldn’t sleep because I felt alone, or isolated. And you’re not. People get it, and chances are- they have experienced it.

During my very first Freshers event I had a really horrible experience and it kind of put me off. I was never much of a drinker or clubber before University, another thing that added to my pre-uni worries. I won’t go into details, but I left the club early, on my own and ran back to the student accommodation. Maybe it took me by surprise more because I had been clubbing a handful of times prior to University, so I wasn’t used to the sort of men that feel they have the right to grab you etc. The experience really shook me up. And this is a top top top tip- call someone. Even if it is 2am. I called my cousin, who was also having Freshers events that night, and at 2am she calmed me down and made me feel that little bit less alone.

After that I felt homesick because I was embarrassed about what had happened. I didn’t trust people in clubs. I felt homesick because the socialising at Freshers’ events put me on edge. I found Freshers hard, basically because I didn’t enjoy the night-time events after that and I didn’t feel that the people I was going out with had my back. During First Year, I didn’t really mix with my Flat at all.

I missed my little town bubble from home, with my lifelong friends and my parents and my little sister.

So- How did I change this? 

  1. I got Skype. I called my parents and Jack almost every day in first year. Am I embarrassed- hell no. I did what I needed to, to feel better. I didn’t feel lonely anymore.
  2. I made my room ‘My Space’- I got a hot water bottle, I got myself a tray (so I could eat while I skyped!) and I made sure I had little bits of home dotted around.
  3. I made sure I saved the money to come home more.
  4. I got myself some good friends- this takes time, but all you need is 10 seconds of courage. Sometimes people feel like a noob walking up to people and introducing themselves. But be real, whats the worse that’s going to happen? You’ll be labelled as ‘too nice’ or ‘overly friendly’. 10 seconds of courage. Once you have introduced yourself to people you will feel SO much better. Remember, in Fresher’s everyone is trying to make friends, so strike while the irons hot! I met my two bestest friends during Freshers- but I didn’t live with them.
  5. I sort of ‘forced’ myself into other social groups. I basically adopted my friends Flat, who were a little bit more like me. I then lived with them second year.
  6. I grew in self-confidence- I am a nice person. I am a good person. People do like me. I didn’t want my sense of loneliness to make me feel like there was something wrong with me.
  7. I spoke to people about it- don’t be ashamed to be honest. It’s how you feel. She offered to meet before every lecture and go to the gym together so I had someone to socialise with every day. People really do understand.

So just remember, if you feel like this- you’re not alone. Others most definitely feel the same. But never feel embarrassed to admit you’re not enjoying yourself 100% of the time. That’s normal.

As Winnie the Pooh says, it just shows that you have something so good at home, that being apart is tough.

Bee xoxox

London Trip

London Trip

Hello everybody! 

Over the last few days I have been in London! It’s one of my favourite places in the world. No matter how many times I go, I never get bored. There is always something to feast your eyes on, whether it’s eccentric fashion, intricately made cupcakes or even beautifully built houses, buildings and monuments. The smells are often (but not all the time!) equally as intriguing. I love the smell of fresh cigarette smoke (not blown in my face by an inconsiderate arse, but just the smell of it in the air). I love breathing in deep enough to almost taste the smell of pastries and  coffee in the morning. I have just learnt not to breath in too deep without surveying the area first aka checked the surrounding area for public toilets. London is my favourite place to explore. 

There is a quote I think is pretty spot on, by Paddington: “in London everyone is different, and that means anyone can fit in.” Eccentricity is perceived as art, rather than peculiarity. It’s pretty awesome. 

I bought the trip as a gift to my boyfriend Jack for his birthday (in May- so we had a little wait!!) and it was perfect. 

Day 1: 

We got an early morning train from Southampton Airport Parkway to Waterloo Station and headed straight to our hotel to drop off our luggage. Ain’t nobody got time for that. We stayed in a Luma Hotel in Hammersmith and it was brilliant, cheap, convenient and even supplied a grab and go breakfast service. 

We then headed straight to Hyde Park on a hunt for all things food! We had a walk around and took some pictures. 

After agreeing that £12 for a burger was a bit cheeky we searched for somewhere (far) cheaper as we are tight arse students right now and can’t afford anything crazy! We went for an EAT and lordy it was fab. So fab in fact we ate there every day!! It does some great lactose-free options and delicious street food!

Here is me eating my quavers looking a tad cold in my yellow puffer (Newlook). 

We then headed off to the Natural History museum, which was pretty damn awesome. Definitely a must-do for people looking to do something on the cheap. It’s free entry and has so much to offer! It’s actually cheaper to eat in the Museum than on the high street! 

This is me with a dinosaur- RIP. 

We also got some pretty cool photos on planets too! ​​

Another picture of a planet but more of me: 

We then went to my favourite place in London- Harrods. We do this almost every time. We just dream. Everything is so beautiful. We had afternoon tea at Harrods (phwoar £££). 

Here are some of the photos we took walking around London on Day 1: 

I also got a nice little head shot from jack, though it took a bit of time! 

We then went to Bills for dinner where I had the best Haloumi Burger ever- I highly recommend!!

Day 2: 

SHOPPING! Regent street and Oxford street were crazy busy, but great fun! 

Here are a few snaps from our shopping day! We went to Urban outfitters, Lush, Topshop, River Island, Jack Wills and so many more! 

One of my favourite things about London is how colourful it is! Super pretty! 

We then ate dinner in Pizza Express (that do lacto-free option on all their food- eeek!) and had a Fiorentina Pizza. It was to die for! 

I was one happy Bee. 

We then met some friends in Covent Garden and put the world to rights! 

Day 3: 

Our last day 😦 we put our bags in the hold room and went straight for breakfast at Bills! It was AMAZING. And also lacto-free. 

I had the avocado on toast, with egg and smoked salmon!

We then headed off the the Science Museum and Covent Garden! Here are a few snaps we got from Covent Garden. We walked there from central London and it was such a nice atmosphere.  We watched a street performer get trodden on my a very tall man. It look painful, especially with the nails above and below him. But was mega impressive! 

I think Covent Garden was my favourite 💓

We then had to head back to the hotel, picked up our bags and went home 😦 it was such a perfect trip- London I will be back ✌🏻

London Lessons Learnt- B.O, toilets, tubes and outfit malfunctions

London Lessons Learnt- B.O, toilets, tubes and outfit malfunctions

Hello everybody! I’m currently on the train home 😦 so I’m gonna blog all about the lessons I have learnt. I absolutely love London- it’s my favourite place to go. In the world. I bought this as a treat for Jacks birthday and I have learnt a few lessons in my little 3 day trip!

Here goes!

1. The tube- it has to be said- some people are truly disgusting. Lessons learnt: people don’t always brush teeth or put deodorant on. So steer clear of the hand rails near them #saveyourself.

2. With the air circulations on tubes… farts linger. Like when was it ever ok to fart on public transport?

3. NEVER cross when the funky green man on the traffic light isn’t there. Totally not worth it. It’s not just the traffic (who quite frankly have the right to beep at any dumb-butt crossing early), but it’s sassy taxi drivers, buses cutting the corners and those speedy bikes that people don’t seem to check for before crossing. Lesson learnt- be good and wait.

4. Sometimes people don’t smile as much, especially in shops. Lesson: smile at them anyway- maybe they can be converted to smilers. Like me- I’m an over smiler, talker and giggler.

5. Carry smaller change than 50p- the toilets are sometimes less. Today I had to negotiate my way into the ladies- I was literally overpaying, a whole 20p (that’s almost a double wee!). Eventually the dude let me in with my 50p- so lesson- carry 20p’s and less!

6. People look like they’re constantly talking to themselves. I mean there is the odd lunatic who genuinely is talking to him/herself. But Skype, FaceTime and phone calls can totally make people look slightly bonkers. Lesson learnt- don’t answer them, they’re not talking to you. They don’t wanna know how your day was or what you’re having for dinner. They’re talking to their wife.

7. Try and walk as much as you can, lesson number 7. Not only is it good for you, it’s sometimes nicer than the tube, especially in rush hour! The tube can be like an unpleasant sauna. I do like the tube, it’s quick and easy, but there ain’t no denying it- aircon would be lush.

8. Don’t wear Jumpsuits- I did this today. Rooky mistake. Getting out of one of these things (once you’ve negotiated your way into the loos!!) is like friggin jigsaw. A very hard jigsaw. We’ve all been there- trying not to get your trousers on the floor (for obvious reasons- ew), but also trying not to succumb to the overwhelming (completely uncharacteristic) sense of chlostrophobia in the tiny, smelly cubical. Even worse when you have a queue of people waiting. They can hear the thudding of your arm on the side of the cubical as you battle your way out of the “cute” death trap we all call jumpsuits. Gals- stick to trousers. It ain’t worth it.

9. Lesson 9: let’s all man up! Flush the god damn toilet. I love how we all stand in queue and someone says “ooh don’t go in there- it’s not pleasant”. This happened today. So there were 7 of us in a queue, in a very warm Starbucks, for one cubical. We all listen to Sheila at the front of the queue. As it got to 15 minutes of me waiting in queue I started getting a lil ticked off to say the least. So I ventured into the “unpleasant toilet”. I walked in. I tutted- I flushed. I walked in hopeful. I walked out a hero.

10. Lesson 10- don’t get involved. I admit it. I’m the reason the Starbucks on Oxford Street flooded. I shouldn’t have flushed it. I left after that. I should have listened to Sheila.

Hope this is relatable and interesting to read!

Bee xoxox

10 Empowering Women- September Edition

10 Empowering Women- September Edition

Hey everybody,

Today’s blog is a little different. One of my favourite parts of doing a History Degree is being exposed to those forgotten and underappreciated figures in history. Sometimes, especially in the 21st century, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the negative events taking place across the world and forget to celebrate the things that make humans great. Because we are great. And there are some kick ass individuals, today and in the past.


I consider myself a feminist- an advocate of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of both sexes. I feel I need to define this term as sometimes feminism can be misconstrued as exclusively in the interest of women, when in fact it represents both genders. In an ideal world, feminism wouldn’t exist- for everyone would be equal.

If ever I am in a lecture and an individual pops up as someone rarely mentioned, or given credit, for their participation to a cause or event, I make sure to make a note of their name, with a star next to it. Over my two years of University so far, I have made a little bank of those glossed over in History.

Today I have picked out 10 women who are central to feminism, to equality, that are relevant to September. Women I believe were great and inspired others to be great- here you go!

JANE ADDAMS– suffragist, aid worker and peace promoter


Jane Addams was born in September 1860. She was a suffragist and the second woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize. After touring Europe she was deeply moved by the hunger and misery of common people. She later founded Hull House in Chicago to serve the sick and poor. Jane Addams founded the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom in 1919, set up aid to support immigrants, aimed to prevent the use of children as industrial workers and was even a pivotal figure in the peace treaty that was forced on Germany on 1919, stating that in humiliating them, a revenge war would follow. She was incredible.

ALICE STEBBINS WELLS- social worker, police officer and promoter of women’s rights

alice stebbins

September 12th, Alice Stebbins Wells, a former social worker, becomes the first woman police officer with arrest powers in U.S. She not only stood for the rights of women, but advocated the rights of children also.

EMILY MUDD- marriage counsellor, family planning advocate, member of the women’s Land Army

emily mudd

Emily Mudd’s Birthday was in September. Mudd was a pioneering marriage counsellor and family planning advocate. Contraception and Family Planning was a difficult subject at the turn of the century and often met with hostility. Not only did she advocate the rights of women to plan their family, she also took on a role in the women’s Land Army in the First World War. She saw patients well into her 80’s, she had 4 children, 10 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. She lived to 99.

ELIZABETH COIT- architect and affordable housing worker


Elizabeth Coit’s Birthday was in September 1892. Coit was an architect who tackled affordable housing for people of limited means, collected and analysed information for the Federal Public Housing Authority, developed more than 150 projects.

MARY M KIMBALL/KEHEW- labour and social reformer, union organiser, founder of UIP

Mary M Kimball/ Kehew’s (Birthday) was an American labour and social reformer. She acted as a union organiser, co-founder of the Union for Industrial Progress and the first president of the National Women’s Trade Union League (1903). During her time as the President of the NWTUL she strove to eliminate sweatshop conditions for women.

MARGARET SANGER– advocated women’s choice, birth control activist, sex educator, writer, nurse.


Margaret Sanger (Birthday) is, in my opinion, one of the most significant individuals to the women’s rights movement in the 20th Sanger was an American Birth Control activist, sex educator, writer and nurse, whom popularised the term ‘birth control’. She also established Planned Parenthood. Sanger believed that women should be given the choice to do what they wish with their body. Her views were certainly not typical of the time, she was even prosecuted for her book “Family Limitation” in 1914, which led to her fleeing to Britain. She opened the first birth control clinic in 1916 in the US, which led to her arrest after a pamphlet advertising it was discovered by a police officer. She then went through a rather controversial trial and appeal. Abortions, today and in the past, have been a controversial topic. Sanger set out to give women an equal footing in society, to have healthier lives and to determine when they have their children. Margaret Sanger wanted to prevent back-alley abortions, which were common at the time due to the laws against abortions. Sanger’s way of thinking was unique as she saw abortion as necessary at times, but avoidable through contraception. She is now widely regarded as the founder of the modern birth control movement. I think, without a doubt, Margaret Sanger is one of the most inspirational women in history.

MARY CHURCH TERRELL- suffragist, abolitionist, president of NACW


Mary Church Terrell was a suffragist, an abolitionist and first president of National Association of Coloured Women (NACW). Terrell was the daughter of a former mixed-race slave. The work of the NACW established nurseries, kindergartens and helped orphans. Her active work did not end here, she was also an activist for the National American Woman Suffrage Association. As well as an activist, Terrell was a writer. She had a prosperous career as a journalist and wrote for a variety of newspapers. She was central to the Progressive Period.

ALICE MARBLE– tennis champion and US spy


Alice Marble (born in September) was a woman’s tennis champion who won 12 U.S. Opens and 5 Wimbledon titles. She also served as a U.S. Spy in World War 2. During the war, Marble married, a pilot, Joe Crowley, who unfortunately died in combat, only days after she miscarried their child. After a failed suicide attempt, and a year after her husband’s death, Marble was acting as a spy for the U.S. Government in Switzerland. As a tennis celebrity, Marble could go places others could not. She was sent to Switzerland on celebrity tournaments. Though her real reason for going to Switzerland was to get in contact with a Swiss banker, whom she had been involved with previously, and was suspected of being involved with the Nazis. During this assignment she was shot by an enemy in the back. Marble was a selfless individual who put the needs of others above her own, putting her life at stake. She has frequently been described as “Wonder Woman”.

AGATHA CHRISTIE– author and feminist


Agatha Christie (Born) one of the most successful crime writers of all time #HerculePoirot. She is best known for her 66 detective novels and 14 short story collection, as long as the world’s longest running play- The Mousetrap. Christie has not only been recognised for her fantastic novelist skills, but as an icon for feminism. Her life is one that resonates with many women. Though she was born into a middle class family, she became working, single mother who faced sexual betrayal and so many of the hardships familiar to us today. Agatha Christie is not only known as the “Queen of Crime” for her written work, but her actions have demonstrated the true iconic feminist. She threw herself into the war effort, training to be a nurse and enlisting in the Voluntary Aid Detachment. After the war, she married a pilot Colonel Archie Christie. By 1928, they were divorced and she was abandoned, suddenly solely responsible for the upkeep of her daughter, while struggling to overcome the rejection. In her times of struggle, she threw herself into her work. Despite her array of odd clichéd female characters; dim-witted maids and secretaries, she often made her murderers women. Like her characters, she was a modern, robust woman who overcame all of life’s challenges.

ELSA SCHIAPARELLI– Italian Designer, introduced pants


Elsa Schiaparelli was born in September, 1890. She was a legendary Italian designer who brought pants into women’s wardrobes and modernised women’s underwear. Need I say much more- she was central to the development of the modern day underwear of women!

Humans are great. For every bad person, there are hundreds of thousands of good people. Be good, be kind, be the you.

Bee xoxox


My First University Supermarket Shop (Lacto-Free)

My First University Supermarket Shop (Lacto-Free)

Hey everyone!

Today’s blog is all about my first University Shopping list. As a 3rd year, this is my third and last (yikes) ‘first’ food shop. Over the last two years, and many shopping trips, I have discovered I am actually quite frugal. I am more than happy to go for the supermarket own products- does not bother me one bit. I pick what I spend more on, for example Free Range Eggs or meat. This is definitely worth spending the extra couple of pence on- in my opinion! But rice, pasta, sauces etc I try to spend the minimal.

I usually spend around £25 a week on my food shop, which I think is an OK price. I only buy what I don’t already have and try to keep the extras to a minimal. So everything on this list is what I like to have, and when I run out I will top it up if necessary. My best shop (as sad as this sounds!!) was a whopping £19- I’ve never managed to go lower.

If you’re anything like me, I split my shop up into sections- which I will do on this blog too! Just as a heads up, the first University shop is the most expensive, so don’t panic, most things last longer than you think! So I would estimate this shop between £50 to £60 depending on offers!

Fruit and Veg

  • Multipack of veg- most supermarkets do this- usually potato, sweet potato, carrots etc
  • Mushrooms
  • Raspberries or strawberries.
  • Pineapple or mango.
  • Satsumas (I always have these!)


  • Lacto-free milk
  • Vitalite
  • Lacto-free cheese/ goats cheese/ feta (depending on cost or preference!)
  • Lacto-free cream cheese
  • Alpro Soya Yoghurts- blueberry
  • 6 x Eggs


  • Frozen peas
  • Fish fingers
  • Chicken breasts (separated into little plastic bags, so they last longer!)
  • 3 x weight watchers diet meals (ideal for when you feel ill, have deadlines etc and don’t want to pig out!)
  • Bread- I don’t really eat bread, but I do like having it in the freezer for the odd occasion or for guests!


  • Marmite
  • 2 x cans of soup
  • Rice (either microwavable or just plain) or couscous
  • Tinned tuna
  • Tinned sweet corn
  • 1 x pasta sauce
  • Tinned pineapple
  • Ketchup
  • Pesto
  • Pasta (the cheapest!)
  • Plastic bags
  • A curry sauce/ sweet and sour sauce
  • Crackers/ Rivita/ Rice Cakes
  • Cereal Bars
  • Porridge Sachets
  • Sugar (small- for my porridge :))
  • Tea
  • Coffee


  • Toilet roll
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Shower gel
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Floss
  • Deodorant
  • Makeup remover
  • A face scrub or treatment

Cleaning Products

  • Anti-bacterial wipes for surfaces in my room.
  • A spray for the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Air freshener
  • Fabric softener

I like to have my cupboards stocked up in case I feel unwell, haven’t had a weekly shop or feel too busy to do one, hence the variety of meals you could make out of this food shop.

A little side note- I do not include alcohol or fizzy drinks into my budgetting. I am not a massive alcohol drinker anyway, but I budget any alcohol into my “me fund”. I put it in the same category as makeup, clothes etc, just because I feel it’s a treat, not a necessity.

I hope this helps, obviously as I have a lacto-free diet, some of these are quite specific to me, but I would totally recommend giving the lacto-free products a go- they’re healthier and literally taste the same.

If you are doing a first University Shop, don’t forget that there are shops on and around campus, so anything you forget can easily be picked up!

Enjoy the anticipation and good luck to anyone starting in the next week!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

Bee xoxo

What you REALLY need for University

What you REALLY need for University

Packing to move to University can sometimes be overwhelming, which is totally understandable given that you’re essentially moving out. Well, kind of. University is a brilliant stepping stone from living at home to having your own place. I am going into my third year of University and I have learnt so much about self-sufficiency, the real world and what I like to call “adulting”.

“Adulting”: A term I use to describe my current life status. Basically trying to be an adult. Like having a provisional licence… but not having passed the test yet! Oh and it’s absolutely nothing to do with adultery- disclaimer. 

So I have put together a list of 25 things people are more likely to forget or gloss over when they’re packing to move- but won’t regret taking.

Here we go!

1. A tray– mega cheap, but crucial! The reality is, sometimes you leave a few too many mugs in your room, a bowl or even a plate- and you don’t want to do multiple trips!

2. Converse or flat shoes- Freshers is crazy fun and by the end of the week you don’t necessarily want to be dancing in heels! In fact most people go to SU events in trainers or flats. This way there are less blisters and you’re not as upset when someone spills a drink on your shoes or steps on your feet!

3. A frying pan– this may seem obvious, but I just brought some standard pans with me and it was something I wished I had thought of. The frying pan makes stir-fries, cooking meat or even a dish like curry or spaghetti bolognaise easier.

4. A lid for your standard pan- again, sounds silly but IKEA didn’t provide lids for mine and I soon realised it was kind of a necessity for some recipes. Like rice- it goes mega goo-y without a lid! #studentproblems

5. A decent knife– I got my knife from IKEA, you might be noticing a pattern here! It was really small so cutting meat was hard work and took a while.

6. A rug- this is more of a preference, but I loved having something other than the normal carpet to step out of bed on to. It just made me feel more at home. This is ideal if you think you might feel homesick- just make your room feel like your own.

7. Pads and Pens- for the first 6 months of University, I used a pad and pen, however I soon realised that I wasn’t as quick at making notes as I thought and that when it came to writing essays, it was easier for it all to be on the laptop. Second year I used my laptop the entire time. This is a preference, but consider what YOU need, if you’re likely to be typing the whole time, save some pennies and only bring one or two pads. You can always buy more later.

8. A bedside lamp- most of Warwick accommodation have one central ceiling light, which is great, but I found that the beside lamp was a score. Nobody wants to get out of a toasty warm bed to turn the light off and navigate your way back in the dark.

9. Recipe books– there are so many brilliant recipe books, particularly ones that are for students specifically, such as NOSH (highly recommend!) Some even show the prices and calories. Have a look around and bring one or two with you.

10. Salt and Pepper– add some flavour to meals.

11. Sugar- I didn’t bring sugar with me, I don’t have it in teas and so (for some unknown reason!) didn’t bring it. I really regretted it as cereal or recipes sometimes need it. A small bag will do.

12. Savings- I feel that the expense of Freshers can be over-exaggerated. You don’t need to have saved hundreds (unless you really want to). SU drinks are cheap, and most of the time, especially during Freshers Week, you play games and pre-drink (optional of course!) to make friends. Plus, events at the SU are really decent prices. So don’t worry too much!

13. Change- I feel that you are more likely to need change for things like bus fares and washing machines. I went to University with £50 in coins and just used them when and if I need to. I very rarely carry cash in my purse and sometimes using a debit or credit card isn’t an option.

14. Slippers- a big one for me. If you’re lucky, you might be in a flat where nobody ever spills anything… but, on the occasion there is something you don’t fancy stepping in- slippers are ideal. Or even if the cleaner has been and the floor is still damp.

15. Flip-flops- if you have a communal bathroom, these are pretty useful.

16. Plenty of loungewear- comfort is central when getting on with deadlines. Hoodies, jumpers, tracksuit bottoms, or leggings- I spent a fair amount of time in comfort clothes while smashing deadlines or chilling during the day. Sometimes it doesn’t seem acceptable to wear pyjamas at 3 in the afternoon- so jogging bottoms it is!

17. Stationary: post-it notes: to mark pages of books- much easier than constantly trying to find the right page. Highlighter- seminar prep sometimes requires pre-reading (depending on the course) so a highlighter definitely comes in handy here. Files: keeping organised is central to avoiding panics when you lose things, which leads me onto a hole punch. Again, necessary to filing! If you’re like me, you’ll go to town on the stationary just because you can, but the above is all you really NEED, besides pens and paper.

18. Printer- I bought a printer for University, which certainly makes it easier. However, it isn’t a necessity, there are printers all over campus that you can pay (via your student card) for. They are everywhere. So don’t panic if you don’t have one.

19. Hot water bottle- living in halls means that the temperature isn’t always what you want it to be. I found that in the winter I got a little chilly (though I know others didn’t) so a hot water bottle just made my bed warm before I hopped into it. It’s a preference.

20. Coat hangers- just a must have really.

21. Clothes horse- I found that washing made my room smell AMAZING, but to make sure it doesn’t smell of damp, a washing line is advised! Also hanging wet clothes on every available surface gets in the way eventually.

22. A medicine bag- paracetamol, lemsips, anti-sickness drugs- the sort that means you don’t even have to leave your room when you’re feeling rough. Quite literally a life saver.

23. Extension lead- there are sometimes limited plugs, so the extender cables are great for making sure you’re not constantly unplugging and swapping things over.

24. Tupperware– I am the Queen of Tupperware, I have so many random pots and containers. But if you make too much food- Tupperware. If you need to freeze something- Tupperware. Want a snack during lectures- Tupperware. It comes in handy!

25. A door stop– getting locked out is not only embarrassing but bloomin’ annoying.

I hope this is helpful, I think it’s really important to remember that Universities do have shops, so if you forget something- don’t panic! Plus, you’re going to make loads of friends and people are very generous with sharing things.

This is supposed to be exciting, so enjoy the shopping, the anticipation and make the most of the break before the start of first term!

Bee xoxox