Month: October 2016

Pink and Green

I personally LOVED shopping for my University Room last year. You can set yourself a budget, choose a theme and go crazy! I find that both NotOnTheHighstreet and Etsy are perfect for locating quirky and unique objects to really give your room character. You’re going to be spending a fair amount of time in your […]


Why Hate?

It feels as if every time I turn on the TV, radio or even look at my phone, I see terrorist attacks. Walking around a Cathedral in Perigeux, France, I saw this floral tribute from the Muslim community. With another attack today, and inevitably more to come, I end up wondering what this period of […]


Yellow Sea

Walking through sunflowers today was pretty beautiful. Woke up this morning and it was pretty grey and miserable, so we looked around a huge chateau and had a picnic. *just witnessed a mouse run into the dishwasher cupboard as I was typing! Ewwww* I find by the end of every holiday I can’t stop thinking […]