Uni Mistakes

Sometimes students do stupid things, we’re forgetful, under pressure and trying to succeed at being an adult. These are some of the things I do on a regular basis and ALWAYS regret!

  1. Leaving coffee mugs, breakfast bowls and food in my room… for extended periods of time. (Honestly, the cleaning up after it is so not worth it).
  2. Clubbing the night before a 9am.
  3. Putting the washing machine on at 8pm but forgetting to select “quick cycle”- 3 hours later it still sounds like someone is trying to break in.
  4. Picking up someone else’s tea towel (probably covered in all sorts of diseases).
  5. Leaving pre-reading to the night before.
  6. Walking into the kitchen bare foot.
  7. Getting changed without the curtains shut… and realising the old man across the road is staring.
  8. Not taking the bins out.
  9. Skipping breakfast.
  10. Going clubbing in heels.


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