The Honest Blog

The past week has involved moving away from home again, starting the second year of my degree and stepping out of my comfort zone in more ways than one. Sometimes I feel like people aren’t prepared for the realities of University- and maybe it’s not always a bad thing!

Here are some of my University realities of my first week back, year 2:

  • Student Union events can be brutal.
  • You come in from a night out and look like utter crap- accept it, it’s a sign of a good night.
  • “Don’t mix drinks” is no joke.
  • There is ALWAYS a “lets scare them shitless” lecture.
  • Bus journeys take longer than you expect.
  • There is no queue at the bar, it’s every man for themselves.
  • Missing home is normal. And worse when having had a drink.
  • Reheating Chinese for breakfast is pretty decent.
  • Being pushed into joining a weird-ass society because the rep looked desperate is ok. Cancel it later.
  • I live off of egg and avocado.
  • Emails. SO MANY EMAILS.
  • I’m currently living a loanless life #didn’tsignthedeclarationformlol
  • Fresher’s Flu (first, second or third year) will get you.
  • Student Houses have hidden evils e.g: the oven doesn’t work #hellomicrowavemeals
  • Stationary costs more than my food shop- wtf.
  • Things always cost more than you think aka the taxi when the buses don’t show up.
  • High heels in clubs are for amateurs- whack out the trainers, nobody wants blisters.
  • Coffee is life.

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