The Worst Interview

I have been getting pretty desperate for a job recently and so signed up to after a friend recommended it. Considering I had been applying to the typical retail and restaurant jobs, the website gave me loads more options in my area, and they all sounded way more exciting.

So I applied mainly to nurseries and a few hospital positions. I liked the sound of them as they were constantly with people and were temporary contracts, most employers donโ€™t like the University students as they often canโ€™t drop down to 8 hours after the summer.

When I got the response for a job as a Ward Host at the local hospital I was really pleased. I donโ€™t actually need the money, Iโ€™m pretty lucky in that I donโ€™t pay rent or really have any responsibilities but I have been counting my pennies and would love to have a few nice pieces of clothing for my holiday coming up.

I got to the Hospital for my interview and managed to navigate my way to the office. From there I was taken to another room to have an interview.

Now, this really bugs me, some job applications require the submission of CVโ€™s, but not always in the shop, sometimes online.

Bugbear 1: why canโ€™t it be a universal thing- we either do applications totally online, or keep handing them to managers. Because I print out loads and people never want them.

Bugbear 2: if you ask me to send over my CV at least read it. So Iโ€™m sat in the office and she asks me what college I attend, then the minute I said I was at University her entire approach the interview changed. I even filled out a form online for the job- stating what University I attended, the term times and the Degree I was doing.

But, if Iโ€™m honest- as a crazy sensitive person- this didnโ€™t frustrate me the most. Her interview technique was horrendous, she was so rude. I knew my face was bright red and I could feel my eyes filling up. Which actually frustrates me more, I always feel people like that get kicks out of knowing theyโ€™ve got to you.

The irony being, of all the jobs I applied for, thatโ€™s the first I got an offer for!

I declined.

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