Self-Confidence is the Most Attractive Quality a Person Can Have

“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty” –  Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience.

Be yourself. Self-confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have.

Summer shopping this year has been an interesting experience. For some unknown reason my body decided to grow big ass hips when I hit 19, resulting in great frustration when my shorts from last summer wouldn’t fit.

It’s pretty easy to compare your figure to other peoples’. I went to the beach with a group of school friends last week, and we all have such different figures. Some look the same as they did at school. Others have changed rather drastically.

Everyone is different. I would love to feel great in a pair denim hot pants. I just don’t. But this year, I’ve really gotten into cotton shorts. I ordered several pairs from Boohoo and LOVE THEM. I’ve got a few lacey ones, some patterned ones and brightly coloured ones. And I feel good in them.

Maraboli is so right. The girls I look at and envy- do I envy them because they look good in things I perhaps wouldn’t? Yes. But is their air of confidence equally as enviable? Hell yeah.

Be unapologetically yourself. If you got a booty- flaunt it. If you can pull off skimpy bikinis- do so.

Wear what makes YOU feel good. What you see as imperfect, others will see as perfect.

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