Pastel Room Inspiration

University Room inspiration- I am loving the pastel themed decor trending at the moment, it’s so bright and will fit in any University Room. One of my biggest tips to Freshers would be make your room feel like home. You will spend so much time in that room so make it feel like yours. I cannot get enough of these wall cute posters!

If you like the look of any of these items I’ve noted them below!

  • House of Fraser Helena Springfield Maisie Duvet Cover Set- £21.
  • Not on the Highstreet, Pink Eared Sausage Dog Print by HelloSatveer- £32.
  • Not on the Highstreet, Pug Print Cushion Cover With Inner Option, by Bird- £15.
  • Paperchase Rosa Cream Photo Frame- £10.
  • Paperchase Aquamarine Shell Money Box- £8.
  • Jack Wills, Attlesey Makeup Bag- £6.50.
  • Not on the Highstreet, Cactus Heart, the Ingrid Petrie Design- £15.
  • Not on the Highstreet, Ori Folded Ceramic Vase- £5.
  • Not on the Highstreet, Recycled Pastel Geometric Print Magazine File, by Heart and Parcel – £9.95.

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