Oxford Day Trip

Today I met my cousin in Oxford and we had an amazing time exploring, gossiping and belly laughing.

My day consisted of:

  • Buying a crappy magazine and soya latte at the train station, having arrived ridiculously early.
  • Going bright red as the Starbucks staff struggled with the spelling of my name.
  • Looking at all the makeup in Kiko and realising I am a penniless student.
  • Oohing at the Rowers on the river.
  • Getting hissed at by ducks.
  • Wondering around Waterstones and wanting every book.
  • Fan-Girling over ‘Me Before You’ posters.
  • Walking around the Natural History Museum.
  • Questioning why all stuffed animals look as if they’re plotting to kill you.
  • Eating at Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant.
  • Wondering why I ate so much.
  • Missing my train.
  • Looking at my bank account before bed and pondering over potential money related nightmares.

PS. My exam and deadline is in 11 days. I’m in the ‘I’ve got so much work to do- I’m going to do none of it and pretend it doesn’t exist’ mind-set.

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