Cake, Koftas and Coffee

Today was pretty damn good!

I really didn’t expect this summer to start the way it has. Rather naively, I assumed I would get a job relatively quickly. Yeah, that didn’t happen. But today I got a call back! Fingers crossed!

I had a coffee morning/ gossip with my friend Becky and then ventured out to Yo Sushi- which was, as expected, am-az-ing. I ultimately spent all my baby sitting money and I am now officially bankrupt. I need a job so bad.

After helping my boyfriend revise for exams, I made a lemon drizzle cake. I am usually a pretty good baker, but this was a little on the burnt side. More like very- but its edible! Having become a domestic goddess (as a result of having nothing to do 24/7), I then went on to make lamb koftas, which were far more successful than my cake.

I have a phone interview tomorrow morning and really want the job. Any job. I need money.

Due to my lack of success with jobs, I have been trying to think of ways to make this summer count, so I have a few more plans for my blog. It should be fun!

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