Averagely Average Day

I think that some days have to be pretty boring, so that the other days stand out! Today was one of those practical, get-stuff-done days and was on the whole productive! (With the help of some Dolly Mix!)

I am currently creating a webpage as my final project and being completely honest, I am perhaps the least techy person on earth. But I’m a History Major so that’s to be expected!

To try and break up the day Hannah and I had an unsuccessful trip to Tescos (exciting) in search of A3 paper for revision- that I totally should have started last week. Naturally, I go shopping for paper and come back with sushi and avocado. I have no regrets.

I discovered avocado on toast today- it’s out of this world good.

Hannah and I also went to the gym, as we do most days, and it was pretty busy. And ultimately smelt horrendous. My nostrils were burning.

I had chicken soup for tea.

Pretty average as days go!

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