A Comfort Zone is a Beautiful Little Place But Nothing Ever Grows There

I’m always so conscious of missing out on things and not taking every opportunity I have. University offers so much and you really do have to make university work for you.
I found settling in to university pretty tough. Freshers wasn’t what I expected and your experience is pretty much based on luck to start off with: who you live with, who is in your seminars, who you go out with. This sense of bewilderment should be expected- you’re away from home, in a new environment and with people you have never met before. It was never going to be easy.
I do feel that this initial overwhelming sensation put me off totally grasping the university experience. But now, heading into second year I want to do so much more. I want to join more societies, do more sports, make more friends and go to more university events. 3 years flies by and I constantly think “am I wasting all my university opportunities”.

So if you’re nervous about university, or a new job, a new school or a new home just put yourself out there. No matter what. You have nothing to lose. You do, however, lose entirely if you never take the opportunity.

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